The Top Uses of Miranda Lambert Songs in Movies or TV

Miranda Lambert has been around for a while now and if you listen to her songs you can hear that she’s been through enough to remember it well and to incorporate some of those elements of her life in her songs. At one point during the oil crisis that just about crippled Texas’ economy her family lost everything. They used their home as a shelter for victims of domestic abuse and their children and eventually found a way to turn their fortunes around. As you can hear in her music those experiences do manage to come out now and again.

Use what you know to do what you love, it’s a good practice.

5. The Flash-Something Bad

Along with Arrow, The Flash has definitely become one of the superhero shows that has been catapulting DC back into the spotlight, but there’s been spots of discord as well along the way. It could have had something to do with a different actor being cast as the crimson-suited hero in The Justice League, but there are other factors that likely have something to do with it. The show remains a popular fixture however.

4. Hot Pursuit-Two of a Crime

This is kind of the buddy film for women that was supposed to be quite hilarious and seems like it would be. Unfortunately it didn’t get the ratings or the attention that was desired which is kind of odd since both women are great at what they do and can perform comedy without much trouble. Maybe it was a matter of timing or maybe people need to watch it again, because quite honestly both women are very entertaining when it comes to their acting.

3. Blake Shelton’s Not So Family Christmas-Home

Christmas specials are usually pretty nice since a bunch of famous singers get together and perform a lot of songs that people know or at can at least enjoy. A lot of people watch them because they’re fans of the singers and the bands but some watch them just out curiosity to see what all the fuss is about. In truth these specials tend to get watched the most by those that figure it’s good TV and worth paying attention to.

2. The X-Files-Something Bad

This moment in the X-Files seems like something that you’d never seen and probably didn’t want to see unless you really wanted to know what Muldur was like when he was out of his mind. The entire sequence seems like he’s just bouncing along to the beat and not bothering to wonder why which is fun because usually he looks so intense and determined no matter what he’s doing.

1. Forever My Girl-Little Red Wagon

It takes a lot of forgiveness to just let someone back into your life after they’ve left the first time, especially if you later on have a kid that’s theirs. But Josie eventually forgives Liam as he and their daughter bond over their shared musical talent. Despite the chance to start over he almost blows it, but finally realizes what he had at home.

She’s got a great voice and a bright career.

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