The Top Uses of Keith Urban Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Keith Urban Songs in Movies or TV

For those that don’t know Keith Urban has been around since about 1990 even though his popularity has been rising for the last decade and more. He seems to be one of those individuals that had to really get his hooks into the business and earn his way up. That’s a pretty valuable lesson since it takes someone that has the tenacity and the grit to make their career rather than have it handed to them, and in many ways that seems to describe Keith. His life hasn’t been that hard but he’s still had to work for it and that tends to draw a lot of fans one they see just how willing he is to go the distance. His songs are pretty inspirational and a lot of people have stuck with him as fans for years simply because they happen to like what he sings and what he sings about. For many he’s one of the best singers out there and his career still seems pretty solid.

Here are a few of his best performances. Feel free to mention some of your favorites if they were missed.

5. Keith Urban – Once In a Lifetime

Anyone remember when the music video almost did away with the radio star? Now it almost seems as though the internet has done away with the music videos on TV. You can still catch them broadcasting on certain channels but for the most part you’ll find them easier over the net than anywhere else. It doesn’t seem to have hurt the industry however but has instead helped it to increase since the level of exposure is even better than it used to be. Urban and so many others have easily benefited from the inclusion of music videos that people can choose to download or just watch on their PC.

4. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – Tumblin’ Dice

This seems to be one of the areas in which he’s really excelled since live shows are one of his best performances ever. There’s no doubt that the sound quality between a live show and CD or download is a lot different, but the idea is that a live show is a little more special since the artist has to put everything into and can’t use multiple takes to get it right. During a live performance it’s all or nothing and if you screw up then everyone gets to see. Keith Urban is one of the greatest since he puts on one heck of a live show and is one of those that is definitely always on his game.

3. Act of Valor – For You

There’s no doubting that the US Navy SEAL’s are about as tough as they get, and in this movie actual SEAL’s were recruited to make it just a little more authentic and to add some realism to the story that was needed. It was lauded by many as a great movie but obviously didn’t turn heads enough to be remembered which is regretful since it showcased the Navy SEAL’s and just how truly awesome they really and how much they give in order to protect their country at any cost. One thing is clear after watching this movie, being thankful that there is a group like the SEAL teams that helped to defend America is something that people should be grateful for.

2. The Late Show with David Letterman – Sweet Thing

It really seems like he found a niche on late night talk shows since he’s showed up in a few on separate occasions in his time as a performer. It could be that he’s just that sought after that every talk show host wants him or it could be that it’s just a good idea to bring a bit of buzz to each show by having him on. These shows definitely know how to pick their talent most times and it is a great addition to the shows and a good way to get exposure for the program and for Urban as well. There’s nothing wrong with both sides benefiting as the artist gets to plug their new tour, concert, or album while the show gets a quality act.

1. The Grammy’s  (with Carrie Underwood) – The Fighter

This is one of those moments that many stars wish and dream for since getting up on stage is all well and good when its a crowd of fans that love and adore you. But getting up on stage in front of your peers because someone believed you were worth that honor is just awesome. These aren’t people that don’t know everything you go through after all, these are the people that have gone through the same things, seen the same kind of life, and are well aware of what it takes to get up there and perform. Being up on the stage for them means that you’ve reached a pinnacle in your career that not a lot of people can claim.

It’s kind of better than an award really.

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