The Legend of Zelda Theme Song in 10 Different Styles

The Legend of Zelda Theme Song in 10 Different Styles

I’ve said it before, but one really has to be a fan of the Legend of Zelda in order to go this deep into the game since the music is nice, but hearing it ten different ways is kind of overkill for someone that hasn’t really been into it for over a decade. To be fair, some of the styles are distinctive and don’t appear to blend together, but for those with a better ear than myself it’s likely that each different style stands out on its own. Bossa Nova kind of sounds like a very generic style that might be used in a lot of games since it has the quality that reminds me of a few Final Fantasy games, while Jazz is definitely hard to miss. Metalcore, Funk-Rock, PowerMetal, Rock, and Punk all kind of sound the same but have their own variations that stand out if one really listens. Rock and Acoustic are pretty easy to figure out, as are Hardcore and Heavy Metal. Each sound hits the ear just right if one stops and listens to it and identifies itself, but when stacked together like this there are styles that tend to flow into one another and become a little bit lost.

As I mentioned, those with a greater ear for music than myself are likely to hear the distinct difference between each style without as much overlap, if any, and could possibly reproduce the efforts in the clip if they were skilled enough. Otherwise, it is possible to pick out the different sounds here and there. One might think that a person has too much time on their hands if they’re doing this for the heck of it, but a lot of people do tend to enjoy these videos since it’s akin to being able to look inside someone else’s head to see how their thought process works, at least just a peek at times. That’s a big part of why being online is so great since it does connect people in a great way so that ideas like this can be shared. There are a lot of downsides to the internet as well, but this is one of the upsides that people tend to take advantage of from time to time and it offers a great deal of inspiration and numerous ideas that might not have been thought up by those that watch had they not taken the time to jump online and see what’s there.

It’s a little tired but stuff like this usually does take me back to the days when Legend of Zelda was still the 2D version that so many people loved to play on the original NES when a lot of people still didn’t know about it, and the famed gold cartridge was the prize of so many game collections. Admit it, a lot of us looked at that gold game cartridge and went ‘ooh’ for at least a few seconds before finding out that the game wasn’t for us or until we became hooked on it for hours on end. Games were no less addictive back in the day than they are now after all, but comparing the speed and the difficulty of the games from then to now is enough to make a person grin and shake their heads.

Video games continue to amaze a lot of people since every aspect continues to amaze those that are have seen them come up from the simplest designs and graphics to what they are now. Getting back to the subject, the music has changed quite a bit as well, since, from the simple and kind of discordant tones that we used to have to listen to, the music within the video games has advanced to a level that is simply astounding. The sound quality of the games and the systems they belong to is phenomenal, and in some cases, there are games that make use of classic tunes that have been allowed to be used for various purposes, which only makes things better since it gives a very nostalgic feel to some games that a lot of fans tend to love. But otherwise, the music composed for each game is usually quite impressive.

The music for Legend of Zelda has been recognizable for quite a while and it’s been toyed with on more than one occasion as people have come up with a variety of ideas that have been posted online for others to see. It’s rather impressive to see the same song being adapted to ten different styles, eleven if one counts the style that the individual in the clip couldn’t remember the name to. It’s curious that he remembered the tune but not the name of the genre, but oh well. It was still fun to listen to.

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