Guy Performs The Star Wars Cantina Song On A Rubik’s Cube While Solving It

I’ve seen a few different renditions of the cantina theme from Star Wars at this point, but learning that a guy could recreate it while solving Rubik’s Cube was hard to fathom, until now. Listen to the clip and you’ll understand just how it’s done since each movement makes its own noise and pitch. You might say that they’re all the same pitch and you’d be right, but the pace at which they  go and the spacing in between each movement is spot on for the cantina theme. If you don’t believe me watch Star Wars: A New Hope, and then compare the two of them. Believe me you’ll be amazed, or at least mildly impressed.

It’s interesting that the cantina theme has been so widely popular and is one of the most remember moments in Star Wars. In truth it didn’t last all that long and it was only featured prominently in one movie. There have been so many other themes that you would think that people would all but forget about the cantina music in favor of what actually happened in the cantina. You know, Obi-Wan whipping out his lightsaber and performing an on the spot amputation, Han firing first and Greedo slumping over like a sack of green meat, and even the bartender showing some serious discrimination against droids. But nope, it’s the cantina theme that seems to stick with people.

As for the Rubik’s Cube, a lot of people still haven’t figured this thing out since it was developed and released to the pubic. Some folks are able to do in an easy fashion simply because they can figure out how the cube rotates and how each color can be matched up without fault. Watching those folks that do this can be just a bit frustrating if you’ve never managed to figure it out, since they make it look so easy.  Those same people claim that it’s as easy as can be to solve the cube, though if you find that it still doesn’t work for you don’t be discouraged since the cube does take a certain mindset to fully understand and is not for everyone.

How this person decided to up and perform the cantina song is unknown but it’s interesting since one would really have to give some thought to the notes of the song and how each movement would have to go. Think about it like this, since there’s no real music being produced you would have to know just how long a movement would have to go for and then how long to pause in-between. That doesn’t sound too hard does it? Well keep in mind that you would have to actually know the song and be able to play it virtually from memory unless you had the sheet music in front of you and could concentrate on the cube and the sheet at the same time. It’s not quite as easy as it sounds, which is why it seems that impressive.

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