The Five Best Lecrae Songs Of All-Time

The Five Best Lecrae Songs Of All-Time

Lecrae is a guy that early on in life didn’t have a lot of positive influences and took what he could learn from in order to grow and expand his mind. The only unfortunate thing is that this led him down a very dark path that was steadily getting worse until he decided to change things around. Since he started creating a life he could be proud of, becoming a Christian rapper that speaks to others in a way that promotes a better style of living and a more positive outlook for people to follow. To say that he’s perfected his life isn’t entirely accurate since like everyone else he’s human and does make mistakes from time to time. But he’s stayed on a pretty positive path since deciding to turn his life around and has become a big inspiration to a lot of people that might look up to him now as a role model.

Here are five of his best songs.

5. I’m Turnt

Pleasure from a human perspective can be many things, but few ever bring a long-lasting sense of satisfaction that can be said to be anything but transitory. Being able to have a good time, satisfy the needs you feel are necessary, and stay as clean as possible is a choice, just like anything else in this world, but there are times when you can party and enjoy yourself without getting lit or drunk out of your mind. There’s less drama, fewer problems, and less chance that anything negative is going to pop off if your head is clear and your mind is right. To each their own, but those that don’t need substances to have a good time are those that can look at themselves in the morning and know that their night will be filled with one less regret.

4. All I Need Is You

Anything Christian is usually thought by a lot of people to be kind of soft-edged and not at all on par with those artists that are considered to be the true story and hard-edged, from the street and all about that life. But what you can here from Lecrae is the kind of life that makes a difference to a lot of people and is meaningful in a way that can’t be denied or put down by those that can’t understand it. There’s no need to say that this kind of rap is anything less than it’s more aggressive counterpart, but the truth is that some folks tend to think that anything Christian-based is simply too preachy. Listen to Lecrae though, he’s not preaching, he’s having a good time.

3. Coming In Hot

If you want the honest truth Lecrae doesn’t sound much different from any other rapper apart from his style. His beats are just as hard, his lyrics are on point, and he brings it just as much as anyone else. The idea that he’s any less because he’s a Christian rapper is the kind of nonsense that’s easily ignored since the guy can perform and he can bring it in a way that’s pleasing to the ear and can create a following unlike anything that people might understand. There’s something to be said for a positive rap artist that doesn’t feel the need to spew the kind of lyrics that are inspirational and ready to spread a positive message.

2. Tell the World

So far listening to this guy has been an absolute pleasure since he has a message to deliver that’s something great even if it isn’t the aggressive tone that so many other rappers seem to have. He’s the kind of guy that has likely seen and done a few things in his life and has learned that going that route was going to lead to his end if he wasn’t careful. If more and more people would start realizing this it would be a true miracle. In terms of music it’s always wise to live your life and do your own thing, but the message this guy sends is something else and is no doubt something that could inspire just about anyone.

1. I’ll Find You

It’s important to have people in this world that you can cling to, because a person all alone in their life is someone that has nothing to and no one to depend upon. It’s hard to hang on in this world, to keep everything together so that you can keep moving forward. Having someone in your corner is important as it gives you something to fight for, a measure of hope to keep tightly in your hand. If there’s nothing else that matters when it comes to being human, it’s that we’ll always have someone we can turn to when we absolutely need it.

This guy is perhaps one of the best and most positive artists out there right now.

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