The Top Uses of Barbra Streisand Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Barbra Streisand Songs in Movies or TV

Barbara Streisand has been one of the most influential actor/songwriter/singers in all of American history. A lot of people look at her differently depending on when they came to know anything about her. Some might see her primarily as an actor and others might see her as a singer first and foremost but one thing is certain that is the fact that she’s been all those things and excelled at all of them as well. Her touch has been felt throughout Hollywood in such a way that you’ll actually hear her name being used as a reference in various films and her example used in the same way in nearly every walk of life at one point. That’s the impact she’s had throughout her career and the type of person she’s aspired to be.

Her music is perhaps one of the most powerful contributions she’s ever given to the world, and most people are highly appreciative.

5. Stranger Things-The Way We Were

Things can’t go back to the way they were after something as momentous as happened in Hawkins. People started disappearing, strange things started happening, and an entire town seemed oblivious about it. Only a small group of people had any idea of what was going on and why it might be far more important than other people were willing to admit.

4. Will & Grace-Don’t Rain On My Parade

According to various reviews people are actually glad to have Will & Grace back but honestly the show seems to have run its course and should have been left alone. At this point it almost feels as though the various writing teams that come up with new ideas and push new shows are getting lazy or bored and are simply allowing old shows to be rebooted to avoid doing any real work. Yes, I said it.

3. What’s Up Doc?-As Time Goes By

This film was a nonstop laugh riot when it wasn’t entertaining its more serious moments. In all likelihood it was one of Streisand’s greatest films despite how kooky it got in some areas. In fact I think that’s part of what made it such a likable film, and the courtroom scene was so over the top hilarious that citing it as one of the best scenes of all time is pretty easy.

2. Funny Girl-Funny Girl

This is a rather ill-fated love story that sees a young girl named Fanny fall in love with Nicky Arnstein, a man that is great at winning her over in an attempt to marry her but is lousy when it comes to business ventures. After having to move into an apartment when his investments go awry Nicky gets sent to prison when he tries to get involved in a bond scam. Upon being released he and Fanny agree to separate.

1. The Way We Were-The Way We Were

Opposites truly do attract, but they don’t always manage to stay together. When one of them is a driven and very passionate activist and the other is a fly by the seat of his pants type the romance might burn brightly but the candle will burn out when the more impulsive partner gets tired of being pushed.

Barbara Streisand is an amazing actress and singer.

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