The Top Five Winona Ryder Movie Roles of Her Career

The Top Five Winona Ryder Movie Roles of Her Career

The Top Five Winona Ryder Movie Roles of Her Career

Does anyone remember when Winona Ryder made her film debut? It was during the film Lucas, which is not on this list sorry to say, but was one of her first stints in the film industry. Since then her star rose and fell a few times but has definitely taken an upturn since her role in Stranger Things has netted her a lot more fans and created a huge buzz in which she’s included. She’s had her troubles with the law over the years and she’s kind of disappeared for a little while but the 90’s sensation never really went away. More than likely she could have taken a break and was biding her time for a successful return. Well, now she’s back and it’s easy to see why she was so sought after in the 90’s, because she’s showing just how good she can be yet again.

Here are a few movies that showed off her talents back in the day.

5. Beetlejuice-Lydia Deetz

Thankfully Lydia isn’t the first one to call Beetlejuice forth, but she’s the only one that does it when there’s really no other way to go. In order to save her ghostly friends she has to make a deal with the malevolent spirit and risk losing herself to his playful yet deviant nature. Thankfully things turn out okay and she’s able to bring the worlds of the living and the dead together in a kind of symbiotic harmony.

4. Edward Scissorhands-Kim

The first meeting between Kim and Edward didn’t go so well. After all her mother had kind of given her bed away without asking and Kim had to find out that a strange man with scissors for fingers was sleeping in her room. From that point things developed in a weird but wonderful way. Kim eventually had to show proof that Edward was dead and gone so that the townsfolk would believe he was no longer a threat, but she thought about him often after that.

3. Girl, Interrupted-Susanna

Being admitted to a psych ward is not a good thing, ever. However the experiences that Susanna goes through do teach her a lot, mostly about what she doesn’t want to end up as. The girls she meets and talks with on a regular basis are deeply disturbed and one among them, Lisa, is perhaps the most broken out of all them, as she is the only one that is bent on making everyone as miserable as she seems to be.

2. Dracula-Mina Murray

This ages-old legend has been told in so many different ways that it’s hard to know just which way is right as of now. In this version however Mina resembles Dracula’s long-lost love Elisabeta, who committed suicide and was not allowed a proper burial at the hands of the church. Thus begins Dracula’s obsession long slide into darkness, and his eventual obsession with Mina.

1. Reality Bites-Lelaina Pierce

It’s odd to think of why some folks go for those that don’t seem to have anything going for them when there’s someone that cares about them and can provide a good life.  Of course the heart doesn’t know much about security, it knows how to move towards the fire that burns the warmest no matter how unsteady it gets.

Maybe after Stranger Things Winona will start getting back to big screen a little more. Who knows?

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