The Top Five Uses of Miles Davis Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Five Uses of Miles Davis Songs in Movies or TV

There’s so much that can be said about the legendary Mile Davis that it simply defies words. If you’re into jazz then Miles Davis is most likely one of the foremost names that you know and have listened to, or not. He’s definitely an acquired taste for many people just as jazz always has been. He lived his life in a way that defied conventional thinking at times but did it in a manner that people were able to get behind and perhaps not fully understand but at least support. As one of the greatest musical geniuses of his time Davis was seen as being a visionary that didn’t always follow what was expected, which in part was what made him great.

Here are just a few examples of what helped to make this man a legend.

5. Miles Ahead-Miles Ahead


Artists of any medium are bound to be tortured at times since the art itself isn’t always enough to sustain them no matter their claims. Miles Davis was at times a rather downtrodden man no matter how famous or how rich he became. The stress of what one loves versus the stress of having to maintain it, keep it, and nurture that talent while still living a life can be a virtual rollercoaster at times.

4. Mad Men-Concierto de Aranjuez

Something about this just fits when you think of the show Mad Men. Guys sitting around in leisure suits or full on tie and business suits in a dark, smoky room listening to jazz blare out from a set of speakers somewhere paints a pretty vivid picture. Or perhaps a bunch of the same men in a bar with a jazz band on the stage belting out their strange, sweet tune.

3. Miles Davis-Spanish Key

Just going off the sound of this piece makes it easy to get into rhythm and start to seek what might be under the notes. In jazz it sounds so often like very sound it trying to step on the next in order to be heard, but then something comes along and makes it all work as a cohesive piece somehow. You really have to listen before you can hear it, but it’s there.

2. Pleasantville-So What?

Pleasantville seems like an odd choice to feature a Miles Davis track but when you listen to it you kind of get the feeling that it belongs there and that it was in fact accurate. That’s trick with jazz, one of them at least, you don’t really know where it fits until you try it. When you finally do you’re given the impression that it should have been there all along, in some cases.

1. Miles Davis-Flamenco Sketches

There’s just so much to say about this man that it’s hard to nail it down in one passage or in one article. He lived a life that wasn’t perfect by any means but was still extraordinary. His music brought so much to so many that trying to nail it down with one description wouldn’t do it justice.

Miles Davis was the epitome of cool.

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