The Best Uses of Korn Songs in Movies or TV

Korn is a band that really had to work get noticed since honestly their name on its own is kind of dumb and wouldn’t really attract a crowd. But once you listen to their music and associate it with the name something odd happens as a lot of people locked onto it and thought they were best band they’d heard in a long time. Jonathan Davis was responsible for the logo and while the image and the music were great they didn’t do so well initially. In fact from personal memory Korn was at one time among the few bands that gained some notoriety from having one of their videos broadcast late at night when almost no one was watching. Somehow though the band caught on as enough people that did watch managed to think that their sound was something they wanted to listen to and became a part of rock that people just couldn’t do without.

Here’s a few of their songs as they’ve been seen in movies and TV.

5. South Park – Falling Away From Me

The band looks like something out of Scooby-Doo crossed with South Park, but like all acts and celebrities that have been parodied by this show that was to be expected. The fact that they got their music on the show is enough to balance it out since placing any limits on Korn and what they can bring to a project would be a sin that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to let go or look away from. Credit needs to be given to Parker and Stone though since they at least recognize what it means to bring a musical guest onto the show and pay some respects to them, though that’s kind of where it ends.

4. Charlie’s Angels – Blind

So yeah, this wasn’t the best movie ever made but it was better than the sequel that followed. The Angels have to foil another enemy that has in his employ various hitmen and assassins that are out to get Charlie of all people due to something that happened in the past. While the movie wasn’t all that great it did manage to excite enough people with the prospect of what it COULD be, just not what it was. In fact if you look into the trivia behind the scenes you might find out that it wasn’t even the most friendly environment to work in since a few of the cast members really didn’t get along with each other.

3. The Collector – Dead Bodies Everywhere

It’s not the most twisted of movies ever made but it’s certainly got its share of gruesome images and decidedly disturbing theme. The Collector is an unknown individual that kills all but one person in a family that he selects and creates intricate traps that are used to either keep people in the house or incapacitate them, or both. When Arkin tries to save the family that has been selected, after trying to rob them, he manages to save the younger daughter, Hannah, but is eventually taken by the Collector at the end of the film. It’s an interesting flick since you don’t always get to see the bad guy win.

2. Dope – Freak On a Leash

Get ahead any way you can is a theme that’s been used in several movies, but in this one it’s done as a necessity since Malcolm becomes unwittingly involved in something he probably would have stayed away from had he the choice. When a load of drugs is placed into his backpack he has to find a way to get rid of it and get the money to the right people without getting himself and his friends killed. By the end of the movie he’s managed to sell the drugs, get the money, and even achieve his dream to attend Harvard since the alumnus that he was going to speak to was involved with the drug deal.

1. Korn – Coming Undone

This one couldn’t be left out since it’s been one of their more popular songs and has been heard throughout the years on a constant basis. Korn has been one of the more influential bands since the beginning of their rise and has accumulated fans left and right since becoming a force to be reckoned with on the mic. It does take a little bit to get used to their sound, but overall it’s something that you can’t deny is addictive since once you listen to one of their songs you want to see what else they have to offer, and by the third or fourth song you’re hooked. The level of adrenaline that spikes when they’re on is simply intense.

Upon hearing them you can’t help but think that they sound, look, and even are a little odd, but at the same time they’re just awesome to listen to.

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