The Top Five Steve Martin Yelling Scenes in Movies

Steve Martin knows how to yell and more to the point he really knows how to make it hurt when he’s doing the yelling. In other words if you’re the person he’s yelling at, even if he’s in character and it’s all an act, you might actually feel offended and have to take careful steps to bring yourself down or you might want to deck the guy. That’s okay really since it says a lot about his acting skills and the fact that he’s just that good. He can bounce between comedy and drama so often that it’s easy to see why he’s considered a legendary actor and not just for one or the other genre.

He knows how to do it all pretty much.

5. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

This is just a little blurb but it’s something that stuck in my mind as one of his more convincing scenes since the movie is really that funny. He plays a con man that gets busted by another con man and in time is taken on as a kind of apprentice to see just how the game is played in style. The funniest thing is that they both get tricked by the same person that they were trying to scam.

4. Little Shop of Horrors

If this didn’t make you scared of the dentist when you were little then you might have never seen it. This guy is one of the most psychotic versions of a dental hygienist that you’ve ever seen and even worse, he enjoys inflicting the kind of pain that kids and even adults are so afraid of when getting their teeth worked on. He does meet his match with Bill Murray but he didn’t do much yelling in that one.

3. Bowfinger

It was a stupid, corny movie but it was just stupid enough to be funny and to make this list. Bowfinger is what happens to a director that turned out to be a never was when he really wanted to at least make it to the level of a has been. You’ve got to give Bowfinger high marks for effort though since it was a good attempt at making a movie that was funny and touching all at once.

2. Roxanne

I get the feeling that only Steve Martin could have pulled this off. He’s got that loose, casual attitude that makes a part like this relevant and the comedic style that won’t take it over the top and also won’t underplay it. He really nailed this part just right and made it funny enough that you could laugh but you wouldn’t bust a gut throughout the entire movie.

1. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

He’s kind of a jerk in this one that has to learn the hard lessons of how to treat people when you’re down and out on the way home. Just because you live a life of luxury that’s been earned doesn’t mean you can stomp on people that annoy you and get away with it. At least Del was the forgiving type.

Steve Martin is a great actor for a number of reasons, but his yell is definitely one of them.

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