Five Movies You Totally Forgot Julia Louis Dreyfus Was In

Five Movies You Totally Forgot Julia Louis Dreyfus Was In

Julia Louis Dreyfus has been one of the biggest names in Hollywood for over 20 years now. But I’ll bet a lot of you have forgotten about some of the films she starred in when she was younger, yeah? Don’t feel too bad, if you followed her rise to fame you probably should have recognized that in some of these films she was really no more than a bit-player. In others though it was pretty obvious she was in the movie simply because her name was one of the several plastered all over it. In short, once she started getting big it was almost as if she’d just become a breakout hit, instead of a talented actress that had been around for some time.

That being said, here’s a few movies you might have forgotten Julia Louis Dreyfus was in.

5. Christmas Vacation – Margo Chester

Be honest now, you likely didn’t remember her name, did you? You would remember the Griswold’s but not their uppity neighbors largely because they were there for comic relief and to be the snobs that finally got what was coming to them in a silly and very ironic fashion. Trust me, with people that act like this it’s not so much tragic as it is funny when karma gives them a nice big slap.

4. A Bug’s Life – Atta (voice)

A Bug’s Life was actually one of the first, if not THE first cartoon movie to do outtakes. People didn’t really know what they were looking at until they finally realized that the voice actors were flubbing these lines on purpose because it had been written that way. It was a comical way to end a cartoon and to be quite honest it reflected the reality of the movie-making process.

3. Jack the Bear – Peggy Etinger

Let me put it to you this way, her role in this film is so small that I couldn’t find a single clip of it. This usually means an actor is there and gone within a heartbeat if he or she can’t be found in a meaningful clip that has to do with the movie. There’s no doubt she’s there, but until someone can find a clip that shows definitive proof all we have to go on is the credits.

2. North – North’s mom

What would you do if your kid up and decided to take off in search of a better family? Give the parents credit, they were at least wise enough to get up and go looking. It was also interesting to see Julia play opposite of her fellow Seinfeld costar Jason Alexander, who played her husband in this quirky film. North didn’t do much past the box office, so it’s kind of understandable why this film hasn’t really been remembered.

1. Planes – Rochelle (voice)

As the years have gone on and more and more actors are starting to diversify in their parts Julia has taken up a bit more voice-acting in her career. She can be recognized here as Rochelle. It’s not a mark against an actor if they take up mostly voice-acting roles, it simply means they’re stretching out and doing something different.

So how many of these films did you recall Julia Louis Dreyfus being in?


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