Our Top Five Sidney Poitier Movies of His Career

Our Top Five Sidney Poitier Movies of His Career

Our Top Five Sidney Poitier Movies of His Career

To call Sidney Poitier a good actor is to make a serious understatement and possibly insult the man’s performance since he’s been deemed as one of the greatest of all time. He’s been around long enough to have seen a great many actors come and go, and has done enough in his life that his acting talent should never be in question. Thinking of all he’s done however isn’t enough since he hasn’t really translated all that well to the current generation. Many people living today don’t even know he’s alive and those that do are those that were either young when he was in his prime or ar simply big film buffs that enjoy older movies.

He’s worth watching, even now.

5. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

If you think people look askance at a white woman and a black man getting married in this day age, unfortunately some still do, then back in this time period it was just about unheard of in some areas. Thankfully though cooler heads prevail within the film as the mothers of both those involved finally show their fathers that the only thing missing that could allow everyone to be more accepting is the passion that is needed for a successful marriage.

4. In the Heat of the Night

When a man ends up murdered Tibbs and Gillespie have to become partners despite their many differences. This movie is a wild back and forth story that continually points out suspects only to let them go eventually as the real killer is finally discovered near the end of the film. This is one of the racially-charged films that helped make Poitier famous and was even used to inspire a TV show.

3. The Greatest Story Ever Told

This story is pretty obvious to figure out as it’s the story of Jesus Christ from the Nativity to the Ascension. The story is long, rich in detail, and obviously follows the son of God throughout his life as he grows and begins his teachings to the day that he is crucified and then is risen. Though such a story has been done many times over it is still one that people will flock to since it is in fact one of the greatest stories ever told in the history of mankind.

2. Brother John

Despite being so negatively reviewed the story that created this movie is actually quite deep and very involved. Poitier only shows up when people are about to die, as timely as the angel of death you might say. Or perhaps he’s a guide of sorts, making sure that the departed souls are able to find their way to the next plane of existence. Whatever the case it would in fact be enough to make rational thinking folks suspicious.

1. Sneakers

The small group of multi-talented individuals that are called sneakers are experts at getting into and around security systems and finding out just where the holes are in the defenses of many places. But when they’re hired by the US government to steal an item that could cause mass amounts of trouble in the wrong hands they soon find that they’re in over their heads.

If you haven’t watched any of his films, go and do it now.

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