3 Spin-off Movies Suicide Squad Made Us Want

Suicide Squad was a blast that had a huge team with a ton of great characters. Although some stood out more than others, everyone was a bunch of fun to watch and all of the actors gave great performances. The movie was limited on time but gave tons of great background to the majority of its cast, which resulted in being able to really connect with some of the characters.

As a result, there is a bunch of buzz about which characters deserve their own spin-off film and who fans want to see return in the future. The door is wide open for most of these characters to return, but these are the three that the film left us hoping to see more of.

3 Spin-off Movies Suicide Squad Made Us Want

3. Katana

Katana didn’t do a whole lot in Suicide Squad, but the couple of moments she did have were super cool. We learn that Katana’s husband was murdered with an ancient sword that absorbs the souls of its victims, leaving her only way to stay connected to him through using the weapon.

We got a little look into how she is out seeking revenge but also one heartbreaking scene where she is speaking to the sword and her husband. It would be really awesome to see a solo samurai assassin movie focused on Katana getting her revenge and slowly taking out each person involved in her husband’s murder.

3 Spin-off Movies Suicide Squad Made Us Want

2. Deadshot

Will Smith was one of the people who really stole the show in Suicide Squad and as a result it seems like everyone would want to see a Deadshot movie. The character has had a long past of killing for money but deep down viewers learned his intentions were only to provide for his daughter.

Whether it’s an intense family drama about Deadshot trying to provide while also trying to hang onto his family or a fun hit man type movie, the character has a lot of flexibility to carry his own story. I could even see Deadshot being the focus of a Smokin’ Aces type film where someone wants him killed and he defends himself, proving he’s the best at what he does!

3 Spin-off Movies Suicide Squad Made Us Want

1. Harley Quinn & Joker

Harley Quinn was the other character that really stood out in Suicide Squad and Margot Robbie absolutely nailed the role. Her and the Joker already have an established past and in this movie we got to see quite a bit of it. The two characters are such a great pair and they could easily both carry solo films as well as one together.

This would be a great compliment to a Batman movie that would really expand everything happening in Gotham. With Jared Leto claiming that he shot enough footage for Suicide Squad that it could be cut into a Joker movie, it would be a ton of fun to watch more of these two together in any form. With how much fans seem to love Harley, it guarantees she will be back and there should now be a strong possibility that the character sees her own film in the future.

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