The Top Five Regatta Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Regatta Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Regatta Scenes in Movies

You might not give much thought to boat racing but it is a sport that millions of people watch every year and it is much more difficult than one might think. The regatta can be rowed, sailed, and in some cases can be run by a motor-operated craft, but it is always a boat race of some kind. In movies it can have a very hilarious side or be completely serious.  There are set rules to each race but they tend to be different when taking into consideration the different types of racing that take place. For instance the rules of sailing and rowing would be very different.

It’s a lot harder than it looks in any type of boat race.

5. The Boat Race

As one of the oldest sports in the world rowing is undoubtedly one of the hardest as well. This documentary shows that it is all go and no quit as the competitors must sync up with their teammates in order to maximize their effect and thereby keep a steady rhythm so that they can outpace their competition. Many times races are won by mere inches they are so close.

4. The Skulls

A secret society that can gain you riches and influence beyond compare sounds nice until you realize just how far down you have to push your sense of right and wrong. The haves and the have nots have almost had a decided different in what they will and won’t do to other people, but in this film the haves will go to any length to insure that their way of life is not tarnished, even if it means killing one of their own to preserve the rest.

3. The Social Network

It’s hard to see just how difficult this sport can be until you realize that each rower is giving their maximum effort to help the team. They must be in tune with one another to such a degree that their actions have to match down to the millisecond in order to maximize their effort. You might look at this sport and think it’s a piece of cake, but once you get an oar in your hand you might realize that it’s far harder than it appears.

2. Summer Rental

Remember a regatta can involve sailing vessels too. While this clip doesn’t show the actual race it does show Scully and Jack just out having a good time, kind of a beginning to what Jack would eventually feel compelled to do. He loves to sail, but he also loves his family, and despite his lack of skill Jack became determined to win the local regatta no matter what it took. Sometimes all it takes is to win that one important victory.

1. One Crazy Summer

Hoops and the boys don’t really have a chance until they blow the hatch, and then it’s a matter of holding on and giving Teddy and his boys that special salute as they cruised on past. Hard to believe this was the most tame part of the movie really, but it drove the point home nicely.

Regatta scenes are a lot of fun in movies regardless of whether they’re serious or intentionally amusing.


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