Why It’s Time for a Cliffhanger Reboot (Even Though We Don’t Want One)

Why It’s Time for a Cliffhanger Reboot (Even Though We Don’t Want One)

Why It’s Time for a Cliffhanger Reboot (Even Though We Don’t Want One)

Have you noticed that some of the movies that are getting rebooted are movies that we really didn’t care about after their initial run? These same movies are those that Hollywood seems to think would garner a much better audience this time around, but a lot of people aren’t too sure. There are beliefs that such a thing could happen. The generation growing up now isn’t likely to have seen all the older movies that stunk to high heaven and wouldn’t have as many expectations. Of course if Point Break is any indication people will watch anything and think it’s Hollywood gold even when the rest of us know better. A reboot of Cliffhanger done in this generation and with the obviously-needed updates could possibly be something worth watching, if it was done right.

So what would it take to recondition Cliffhanger so that it would be worth our time again?

Keep Michael Rooker, forget Stallone and Turner. 

Let Gabe and Jessie be a fond memory for Hal. Mention how they’ve moved on, how they found new peaks to climb or something else to do with their time. For once just let characters have a happy ending with no need for an in depth explanation of how they’re living their lives or can’t just let the life go. This movie would have to stick with Rooker or go with someone else entirely. Hal was a lot more interesting character simply because he had experienced a deeper loss than Gabe and had more to prove. He could take the role that Ralph Waite held during the original movie, as the guy that waits at the base until someone needs assistance.

The hide and seek among the mountains was a great plot device, but it can be made so much better.

For one, the fight scenes. There’s so much natural scope to work with, even if it has to be replicated and brought into a studio. Make something believable and workable to bring out the same grandeur that was shown in the first movie.

Don’t make it a sequel, make it a true reboot.

This might not be seen as workable if you bring in Michael Rooker, but if you omit all but a few mentions of Gabe and Jessie it’s definitely possible. Keeping Rooker in and at least showing mention of Gabe and Jessie wouldn’t necessarily make it a sequel. It could be a whole new movie where the original heist never happened and the new action hero of the film gets to act like it’s a brand new day with a shiny new plot.

Please, get people that can act.

There is a wide pool of talent to pick from at this moment, and a lot of actors that are just waiting to be tapped for a starring role in a thrilling action movie. Go with someone that can actually show emotions and not just a facsimile of them. Sorry Sly, but your main emotions seem to range from seriously annoyed to ‘meh’. If Sly isn’t doing action that’s just about what it is, meh.

Cliffhanger could be made into a great reboot, but it would need to be done with a level of finesse and expertise that the original film just didn’t exhibit. It was a good action movie, but it could have been better.


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