We Don’t Know When, But We Think MCU’s Gearing Up for a Silver Surfer Movie

Silver Surfer

The MCU is headed for the cosmos, that’s an undeniable fact since The Eternals are coming on board, but speaking of boards, everyone’s favorite silver-bodied hero, or herald, or whatever you want to call him, seems to be making his way into the fray eventually. The Silver Surfer has been a fan favorite for quite a few years and there are a lot of interesting reasons why, not the least of which is because he’s one of the more powerful characters out there that’s not the size of a planet and yet can level a world all on his own if it really came to that. He seemed way too under-utilized in the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, as he was little more than a mouthpiece with a few special effects thrown in for flavor. But if the MCU handles him the way that they’ve been handling the other heroes taken under their wing then this character should be able to come out and do some major damage, or some major good.

Norrin Radd was a regular being at one time until Galactus came to his homeworld, threatening to do what he always did, which was consume the energy of a planet until there was nothing left but a husk, a remnant of what had once been. Norrin pleaded with Galactus to spare his world, and the god-like being did so, in return for Norrin becoming his herald, a powerful being imbued with the Power Cosmic, a force that gave him unparalleled power that’s hard to match in the Marvel universe but not infallible. The downside of this was that as Galactus’s herald, the Surfer had to scout out new worlds for the being to devour, so that his own would remain safe from his new master. The lead-in for this of course would be something that might need to be seen in a movie once the MCU gets to working on it since it would develop the Surfer as an actual character and not just another powerful individual flitting about doing this or that. It’s true that in his first cinematic outing he was kind of impressive and he wasn’t really much of a villain, more of a lackey that didn’t really enjoy his role, but he needs to be more developed than this, and a standalone movie would be perfect for such a thing.

In truth the Surfer has had run-ins with a lot of different heroes and villains throughout the comics some of them cosmic-based and some of them from the pool of heroes and villains we already know about, like the Fantastic Four. It’s hard to see him having many limits, as in The Rise of the Silver Surfer a lot of fans were wondering just how he was kept captive when the Power Cosmic allows him to do so much. It was shown in the Fantastic Four that his board was the source of his power, thus separating the two would incapacitate him. But the truth is that the Surfer’s board is pretty indestructible and apart from being destroyed by Galactus or something more powerful it’s not really possible to damage it so badly that he can’t repair it. And apart from that, the power is within the Surfer, not the board, so anyone without the power to destroy the Surfer isn’t going to get too far in trying to disrupt the board.

If not for the rights to the Surfer being bound up at the time it would have been nice to have seen him in Infinity War since originally he was the one that alerted Doctor Strange of Thanos, not the Hulk. Plus, the Surfer played a very big role in Infinity War along with other characters like Adam Warlock, though of course it would seem that the MCU weren’t ready to show such characters just yet. The disputes over which characters are allowed to show up where is kind of hard to reason with since it would seem that Marvel would want to keep all their properties together, but obviously when one property already belongs to another studio it gets a bit sticky when it comes to using certain characters that are already spoken for. At the very least it’s nice to know that someone is thinking about a Silver Surfer movie, especially given that people will be psyched to hear about it in the days to come. There’s no real word yet on just when it will come or how he’ll be introduced, but the one thing that seems to be obvious is that he might show up in his own standalone movie, possibly after the Fantastic Four have made their way into the MCU, since their inclusion seems to be on the table in front of his. All in all though fans are already excited since this is another hero that they’ve been wanting to see for a while.

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