The Top Five Political Comedies on TV Right Now

The political situation in the country isn’t funny for most Americans. With divisions in the political system that reach into the fabric of the nation, there is a place that everyone can turn to relieve some of the pressure. Political comedy television shows are a good way to help us to laugh at the things that we otherwise find disturbing.

Here are the top five political comedies on TV right now.


“VEEP” is an HBO political satire that first aired in 2012. It’s an adaptation of Britain’s “The Thick of It.” Julia Louis Dreyfus stars in the series and is Vice-President in the first season, campaigning for President in season 3, and at the close of the season becomes President of the United States. She and the President have a tumultuous relationship and this adds to the comedy of the show. VEEP takes a satirical poke at the institutions of the Federal Government. The hilarious series has been approved for a tenth season in 2018.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Full Frontal is a late night talk show featuring news delivered with a satirical twist. The show appears on TBS Wednesdays. Samantha Bee left her position with the daily show as correspondent to develop her own political comedy series. The show was renewed after the 2016 debut and is currently airing in its second season.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is the host of the CBS Late Show. His dry sense of human and conservative approach make his comedy even more hilarious for anyone who gets the joke he’s putting across. It can take a few moments for what he’s saying to sink in. This is because of his skill in delivering punches in a way that sets viewers up for a delayed reaction. He comes across as being a bit slow on the uptake, when in fact, he’s a master of comedy. Colbert got his start with The Daily Show and appeared in his own series The Colbert Report which has since been cancelled and is now onto light night entertainment.

Real Time with Bill Maher

Maher is a veteran stand up comic. He’s been delivering laughs for nearly fifteen years. His career has taken a tun. He learned that there is a lot of fodder for comedy in the political arena. This new direction he has taken his comedy has resulted in him being branded as one of the most politically incorrect talk show hosts. Real Time is the name of the show that the “libertarian” Maher hosts. He discusses a broad array of political topics and news with a critical approach that blends jokes with his opinion. His show packs a punch regardless of which side of the issue you’re on.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

In 2015, Trevor Noah took the helm of The Daily Show in From Jon Stewart who had hosted the show since 1999. This program has been the inspiration of several political comedy shows on the air today. Most of the hosts are former Daily Show cast who have gone on to do their own thing. The Daily Show is a good choice if you want to be entertained with a comedic host who delivers relevant news while making us laugh.

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