The Top Five Movies That Were Filmed in Pittsburgh

The city of Pittsburgh, PA has played host to a great number of movies in one form or another and has been shown in all its impressive glory more than once. Some films claim to be in Pittsburgh while they actually shoot in other cities, which is pretty normal, but some are obviously set in the Steel City since you can’t possibly mistake that city for anywhere else if you’ve seen it more than once. The people, the atmosphere, and the natural charm of the city are all contributory to the main reasons why Pittsburgh has been seen as such a great place to stage a film.

It’s one of those places that just kind of gives itself to the cinematic experience.

5. The Deer Hunter

Three friends that have grown up together suddenly find themselves in the middle of the Vietnam War after signing up to serve their country. As they quickly learn the horrors of war and what it can do to people they begin to drift apart as the experience touches them each on a deep and very disturbing level. Each one of them withdraws from the world they knew in their own way, though only one of them embraces the madness that touched them for a brief time.

4. Robocop

He was the new and improved police officer of the future, only the part of him that was still human couldn’t quite let go of the past. Taken near death, Officer Murphy was little more than a mangled pile of flesh that had been slaughtered by a ruthless band of criminals. Upon waking as a new and improved tool of law enforcement he soon began to regain his memories, and in doing so took his revenge on the criminals that took his life.

3. Groundhog Day

What would you do if you were stuck in the same day, over and over, destined to repeat the same actions? Phil definitely came up with a few ideas since he came to know just about every possible outcome within the small town in which he’d become stuck. One question that few people ever seem to ask however is what might have happened if he would have tried to leave the town on any given day? It seems apparent that he’d wake up right back in bed the next morning.

2. Unstoppable

Life among trains is not an easy or always an enviable job but it’s supposed to be quite safe in many regards. However when two employees that are less than capable allow a train to slip away carrying nearly a mile’s worth of cars, some of them with highly toxic materials, it’s not unlike unleashing a speeding missile onto the tracks. Two conductors have to find a way to stop the train or at least slow it down in order to avoid the loss of life and immense property damage that could result if the train was to derail.

1. Hoffa

Many have criticized this film for not being true to life but it does happen to include several pertinent points from the life of Jimmy Hoffa that were interesting to watch. He wasn’t the nicest man to ever walk the earth but he had a way about him that people seemed destined to follow.

Pittsburgh seems like a city of hard people in the movies, but it’s an impressive place to view from afar.

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