The Top Five Movie Scenes Where a Watch is the Main Character

The Top Five Movie Scenes Where a Watch is the Main Character

The Top Five Movie Scenes Where a Watch is the Main Character

A watch is actually something you still see in movies though you don’t see them as much in real life these days. It’s an item that’s almost outlived its usefulness since our phones and other gadgets come with built-in clocks that don’t need to be set since they’re hooked up to a network that allows them to set automatically when daylight savings time comes around and when they’re first turned on. In movies they’re just about antiques if they aren’t already. Watches are really more like fancy accessories in this day and age, like a regular bracelet.

5. Pulp Fiction

It’s not just an odd family heirloom to have, but a watch that’s seen the inside of more than one man’s rectum seems to be the kind of item that you really wouldn’t want to consider holding onto. Of course given that it was something handed down through his family Butch no doubt ignores the more disturbing part of its back story and decided to keep it. He’s pretty broken up about the watch when his girlfriend leaves it behind.

4. Trading Places

It’s funny to see people taking their stuff into pawn shops hoping that they’ll get top dollar for it and, even more amazing, the exact same price that they paid for it. Yeah, that’s not going to happen, especially when the owner happens to think the watch is stolen. It could be handmade by the first company to ever make a watch in the history of mankind and a pawn shop dealer would still be more likely to give you fifty bucks for it and not a dime more.

3. Blade

If you look at all the tech and upgrades on Blade’s equipment you’d have to think that he’s either rich like Tony Stark and manages to keep everything on the down low, or he steals enough from his targets to fund his continuous hunts. If you guessed the latter then you’d be correct, but obviously he doesn’t think much of trying to pawn off fake watches to those that might know better. So he’s a vampire hunter and a jeweler since he knows what’s fake and what’s not, interesting.

2. Kingsman: The Secret Service

It seems fair to say that everyone would like a watch like this at some point and time. A watch that causes amnesia? Sure. A watch that stuns someone? Oh yes please, that’d be great to just push a button that releases a dart with whatever toxin is inside that can cause paralysis of some sort in a person. Of course the person that owns the watch might want to be careful when it comes time to clean it or they might wake up at a later time and forget what they were there for.

1. Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

So seventeen dollars and a nice watch gets you a room, while a Casio gets you a seat in the parking lot in your melted rental car, in the snow no less. I kind of wonder what Casio had to say about this little development.

The watch is not on its way out, but its usefulness is in question at this time.

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