The Top Five Movie Scenes in Super Markets

The Top Five Movie Scenes in Super Markets

The Top Five Movie Scenes in Super Markets

Funny stuff happens in the supermarket too, especially in movies. Anywhere with food is bound to have some kind of memorable antics lined up in film, it’s just an expected occurrence that people can’t deny is going to happen. Why is that though? My take on it is that the supermarket is a big, open space that’s just rife with opportunities for anything and everything to happen. From comedy to conflict to drama a supermarket can be like a giant catchall for human emotions and actions. Any big, open space can be the same way but for some reason the supermarket is a favorite place of films to visit from time to time in order to show how people get through their day and to use as an interesting background. In fact it’s harder to pick just a few scenes than it is to find enough.

Here are a few I thought were among the best.

5. My Blue Heaven

With the rising costs of meat there’s probably a lot of people that would like to grab the price gun and do this exact same thing. Chances are though in the real world that you’d incur a price check if the cashier kept seeing steaks that were priced about the same as you’d find a can of soup going for. Plus, even in a nice, quiet little town people aren’t complete morons.

4. Sing!

Being the person watching on the monitor I think that I too would crank the volume up just to see how interesting it got and if she really got going like this. And yes, I’d be telling her awesome it was too. Rosita, along with the rest of the cast of Sing, just needed a little added confidence in herself to really take her act to the next level, and I think this helped.

3. Zombieland

All this to get a Twinkie. In a land that’s now overrun by zombies you would think a guy would hit up the local convenience store and be happy, but no. Tallahassee just had to have his Twinkie fix and since there weren’t a lot of grocery stores around this one happened to fit the bill. Of course when the end of the world comes Twinkies might be the one thing that doesn’t spoil after a while. That’s a scary thought.

2. The Mist

You’re at the grocery store just picking up a few things and all of a sudden a fog bank doesn’t just come rolling into the parking lot, it SMOTHERS the parking lot like an avalanche of mist. That alone would be kind of creepy to tell the truth but the idea that someone would come in, nose bloodied up, screaming that something in the mist took someone, would be even worse.

1. The Big Lebowski

The Dude is one of the laziest characters to ever be conceived and yet he’s been deemed as one of the coolest by more than one person in this era. Somehow The Big Lebowski has become such a cult phenomenon that you can’t hardly talk about it without somebody having an opinion.

See? The supermarket is a hotspot for activity.

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