The Top Five Michael Kamen Movie Scores of His Career

The Top Five Michael Kamen Movie Scores of His Career

Michael Kamen has been responsible for countless movie and TV scores throughout his career and has made a definite mark on the industry through his many different projects. He’s one of the few people that have done so much with so many and yet remains in many circles an unknown. This is typically what happens to those that work behind the scenes no matter that their work is performed at such a high level. Too many people are concerned about the flash and what’s in front of their faces to learn more about the movies they love and what went into making them so great. The soundtracks and the scores that accompany such movies are far more important than people give them credit for, and Kamen is one of the reasons why many movies have been able to pull off such an emotional response from the audience. If not for the music that accompanies so many movies a lot of us would likely feel less inclined to comment on them one way or another.

Music is a very important aspect of cinema.

5. Die Hard

It might sound impossible and it probably would be but one cop versus an entire group of terrorists hardly seems like a fair fight. Yet for all that John McClane shows an amazing amount of grit and determination as he picks them off one by one. Near the end of the movie he’s beaten, bloodied, and looks ready to collapse, but as is seen throughout the entire film he has one more surprise left.

4. Highlander

Who wants to live forever? Connor MacLeod of the clan MacLeod has lived for a long, long time, and all under the knowledge that one day his life could end if he is not vigilant or strong enough to stop the enemy that he knows is coming. Eventually the final battle must come, as he well knows, but he also understands that if he falls, so too does humanity.

3. Lethal Weapon

There are few things as dangerous as a cop that will cross the lines that aren’t meant to be crossed. Of course Riggs tends to tap dance along that line before stomping both feet over it and then back. This of course gives his new partner no end of grief as he tries to keep up with Riggs while sticking to procedure and doing what it takes to get the bad guys.

2. Mr. Holland’s Opus

This was an impressive movie about an impressive man that wasn’t always universally liked since he did things his way and didn’t mind all that much if people found it difficult. The point was to push those whom he saw something great in so as to get them to understand that their limits were only what they set for themselves. Such teachings are the work of a great and intelligent soul.

1. Road House

It’s a movie about a bar, but it’s also a film about what it means to live by principles and if necessary to die by them. Dalton is the kind of guy that’s not perfect by any means but tries to be the best person he can be. His need to protect others and have a good time are his greatest assets next to his impressive set of skills.

I won’t say Michael Kamen is a genius or anything so grandiose, but the man has skills that are quite valuable.

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