The Top Five Mark Hamill Movie Roles Outside of Anything Star Wars

The Top Five Mark Hamill Movie Roles Outside of Anything Star Wars

It’s hard to think of Mark Hamill as anything other than Luke Skywalker isn’t it? Well there are plenty of movies in which he plays something other than a popular character in Star Wars, but likely a lot of people won’t know anything about them since his fame came thanks to George Lucas’ vision. But if you ever want to see what he did after his stint as the lone surviving Jedi apprentice in the galaxy, so far as we knew, you can at least check out his filmography and realize that he did some movies that weren’t too terribly bad.

His time as the Joker was obviously well spent.

5. Time Runner-Michael Raynor

This film has a very familiar feel to it since there are elements that can be linked to the Terminator movie. Instead of killer robots taking over the world however aliens have planted sleeper cells that are operating within humanity in an attempt to weaken them so that when the time comes for invasion they won’t be able to stop them. Having been forced to go back in time through a wormhole Raynor has to find those that are responsible for the future that will come and eliminate them while taking care of his own past as well.

4. Slipstream-Tasker

Tasker is not a nice guy, but he’s supposedly a part of what’s left of the law enforcement in a future where the earth has been scoured by winds heavier than anything that’s ever been seen. Humanity has taken to living in caves, valleys, or higher up where the winds are not as fierce. In this dystopian world it’s much harder to get by and as a result people are far more distrustful of each other, and for a good reason.

3. Village of the Damned-Reverend George

This is one terrifying movie when you think about how little kids go through mood swings without really understanding their feelings. The small group of kids that are born under mysterious circumstances are just creepy and what’s worse, they know how to read minds and anticipate certain things, as the over-anxious reverend figures out in this scene. Just imagine if they ever threw a tantrum.

2. Batman: The Killing Joke-Joker

There was a bit of controversy over this film since the comics were so undeniably graphic. The whole idea of Barbara Gordon being raped and so savagely dealt with was something that had people up in arms about how it would be shown as a cartoon. But all in all the story was one that was kind of disturbing altogether since the Joker has never really been let off the leash in movies. Maybe people forgot just how much of a psychopath he’s supposed to be.

1. The Guyver-Max Reed

A lot of people likely thought that Mark was going to play the part of the Guyver, an alien piece of tech that fuses with a human to create a super-powered individual. Instead he plays the detective that attempts to figure out just what’s going on throughout the story and then is unfortunately experimented on right before he dies.

So he’s done more than Star Wars, but that’s definitely where he managed to shine the brightest.

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