The Top Five Johnny Galecki Movie Roles of His Career

The Top Five Johnny Galecki Movie Roles of His Career

The Top Five Johnny Galecki Movie Roles of His Career

Remember that nerdy kid that used to star on Roseanne? He dated Darlene and was pretty much kicked around by everybody on the show at one point, even DJ? He’s not that kid anymore and he’s become one of the hottest stars on the scene today despite staying off the radar most of the time. Johnny Galecki is definitely the type of star that can make the transition from TV to film and back and forth, but a lot of times it seems like maybe he’s the guy whose voice kind of gets lost in the mix. Or does it? Keep in mind he’s also that guy you instantly recognize even if you have to fish around for his name, so obviously he’s good at being known but not too well-known.

Anyway, here are a few of his better roles that helped gain him the spot in Hollywood he’s earned to date.

5. Jeremy – Hancock

So this wasn’t a huge role or anything, but it’s in a film with Will Smith, Charlize Theron,  and Jason Bateman. If you can hang with those big of stars for even a few minutes you’re doing well, and Galecki does it for at least a moderate amount of time in this film. Like I said it’s not the biggest role, but it’s a warmup to the roles that really made him somebody.

4. Max Neurick – I Know What You Did Last Summer

Ah, poor Max. He was the poor, lovable fishmonger working the docks that just wanted to get the girl. Unfortunately Max also had a chip on his shoulder, which meant in a horror movie he had a target on his back, or up under his chin, wherever’s good. His death in this film looked unbearably painful as he had to experience what so many unwitting fish have gone through for so long. Then the ignominy of being stuffed in a trunk with a bunch of pinch-happy crabs, oy.

3. Borel – In Time

Galecki plays the best friend character in this one and is still the lovable guy that can’t quite catch a break. In this dystopian future time is the only way that people stay alive. If you want to eat it costs time, if you want to live it costs time, and if you want to do anything other than die it costs time. Unfortunately for Borel when his best friend comes across a wealth of time he ironically enough runs out of it as those who kill for time come and literally take it.

2. Ira Reder – Suicide Kings

And we’re back to the lovable loser. At least this time though Ira is the kind of guy that can only be pushed so far before he breaks. Plus, he manages, through a bit of sniveling, to get on the good side of a notorious gangster that his dim-witted friends have kidnapped, thereby assuring that he’ll be the last to go, if such a thing were to happen. Sometimes being the groveler can save you at least a little trouble.

1. Rusty Griswold – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Russ? RUSS! Yeah dad, says Rusty from two feet away. Rusty was just fun character to watch thanks to his sarcastic attitude and unfathomable ability to stand by his father’s side through all of the Griswold misadventures in this film. And oh there were many. The hanging of the lights, the coming of the grandparents, the coming of Eddie and his brood, and of course the final indignation when the house was stormed by SWAT and armed police officers. Merry Christmas indeed.

As of now Galecki seems to stick to TV quite a bit, but there’s little doubt that he’ll dabble in movies now and again. He seems to be a guy that knows what he wants, and can land on his feet no matter where he goes.


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