The Top Five Joe Pesci Yelling Scenes in Movies

Joe Pesci has got to be one of the edgiest yellers you’ve ever seen in any movie. He’s not a big guy but his characters usually play on that by possessing a small man, or Napoleon complex that makes him seem so much bigger than he really is. In real life he seems a lot nicer and a lot quieter but when he really gets going in the movies there’s nothing to do but weather the storm and hope that you’re not in the path as he really unloads. He’s played the role of the criminal and the gangster so often that he’s really been typecast for a lot of years. In fact I would challenge anyone to come up with a film where he’s not either a criminal, a gangster, or anything related to that type.

It’d be a short list, I can almost guarantee it.

5. My Cousin Vinny

You almost feel bad for Vinny except for his big mouth and larger than life attitude. He’s got a girlfriend that wants to get married and eventually start a family. He has two young men that are facing murder charges as his first ever real case. And to top that all off he’s got a judge that really doesn’t like him and is trying to come up with any possible reason to have him thrown in jail. That’s a lot to deal with.

4. Lethal Weapon 4

Leo’s not a mooch but he is kind of a parasite in some ways. He adores Murtaugh and Riggs but can’t seem to find a way to really express himself without being supremely annoying. Becoming a private investigator just makes him more so since he takes on a role that puts him in even further contact with them and makes their days even longer. At least his heart is in the right place.

3. Casino

There’s really not much good to be said about Nicky. First he asks Ace about whether or not he should come out to Las Vegas, and then once he’s established there he begins to slowly take over. Nicky isn’t complicated, he’s just a jerk. So long as he can keep the bosses happy and watch Ace’s back while getting what he wants everything’s fine. But if something happens to upset that then everyone becomes an enemy.

2. Home Alone

How badly do you think that Joe Pesci wanted to let loose with a few of his trademark expletives right around this moment? Obviously the stunt crew isn’t going to really make him take one in the nay-nays but just the thought of it makes a lot of men close their eyes and go ‘ouch’. Pellet guns might not be lethal or all that painful but when you don’t know it’s coming the surprise seems to add to it.

1. Goodfellas

Based on a real life character Tommy is about the craziest guy on the crew and the last person you would want to associate with unless there was no choice. He’s a loose cannon to put it mildly and he could flip on pretty much anyone if he had reason to do so.

He’s wild, dangerous, and entertaining at least, in a very violent sort of way.

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