The Top Five Jesse Ventura Movie Roles of His Career

The Top Five Jesse Ventura Movie Roles of His Career

The Top Five Jesse Ventura Movie Roles of His Career

Jesse Ventura might have had a future as a film star if he’d kept going along the lines of Predator and other popular films. But his path took him in a different direction and as of now he’s loved by some and absolutely detested by others. What are you going to do? You can’t please everyone all the time so you do the best you can. As for his movie career we can look back and at least admit that he had a few good scenes here and there that were enough to immortalize him in film. We can’t say he was the best actor in the world but when it came to being the tough guy he was pretty good in some movies. In some ways it almost seems like Ventura really suffered from being played up so much in the WWF back then that his movie roles were subjected to the same kind of hubris that he practiced on a regular basis in the ring. It’s hard to know what he’s like in real life but going by various reports he’s either a nice guy or he’s kind of a jerk.

It’s up to the viewer to make up their own mind.

5. Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe-Abraxas

In terms of Jesse Ventura films you kind of have to move from godawful to pretty good, which is why we start here. He doesn’t have a lot of film credits to his name so this is why we’re starting here. Abraxus and Secondus are intergalactic beings that are meant to keep the peace, but Secondus has tired of his role and has decided to go his own way. Abraxus of course has to find a way to stop him and still protect the universe from Secondus’ machinations.

4. Thunderground-The Man

This is kind of a touching movie about two homeless people that eventually enter a partnership in which the young woman becomes the manager and the middle-aged man becomes the fighter, earning them both enough money to survive. Ventura comes in eventually as The Man, one of the biggest, baddest street fighters in all of New Orleans that knows how to hurt people and doesn’t lose.

3. Demolition Man-Cryo Con

This is one of his later and probably better roles since he doesn’t have to talk and all he has to do is just stand around looking tough. Ventura can do that just fine, and plus, he gets to kill one of the most annoying characters in the movie so that’s a big plus for him being there. He’s not a horrible actor, but having him say as little as possible at times is kind of preferable.

2. The Running Man-Captain Freedom

This role kind of went back and forth. You get the feeling that you should be on his side one moment and then stand against him in the next. However the story of Captain Freedom is that he’s a retired gladiator that’s been relegated to being an announcer that gets almost no respect at all from the show’s host, Killian. In fact in this final fight he refuses and the show has to digitally recreate the fight, so he at least had some redeeming qualities.

1. Predator-Blain

“I ain’t got time to bleed.” It’s one of the most iconic lines in all of filmdom and one of the best lines in this movie. In Predator he got to be a true tough guy and that ‘s why this is his best role ever, hands down.

The less he says, the more believable he is.

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