The Fifth Element Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment

The Fifth Element Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment

It would be nice to think that a lot of people are laughing just as hard as I was during this video since it was a pretty honest and hilarious look at The Fifth Element from a different perspective and it did manage to point out a lot of things that, from a realistic viewpoint, are a bit hard to take when you decide to analyze the movie instead of just watch it for the entertainment. As a science fiction/fantasy movie it’s great since it doesn’t require a whole lot of thought to get into it and the idea of the movie is something that a lot of people can get behind since it’s essentially another story about the struggle between good and evil, quite literally in this case. But to be fair there are a lot of moments in the movie when one can easily look at what’s going on and simply say ‘what?’, since there are moments when it just doesn’t make as much sense as it possibly could. The best part of the movie is that it’s a futuristic take on the world that we see now, but if anyone’s noticing it’s becoming a little too real with that NYPD crack and the idea that ‘something wicked this way comes’ feeling that 2020 is giving a lot of people.

The movie is essentially as crazy as it can be while keeping the protagonist and antagonist as separated as possible since the supposed antagonist, Zorg, never does meet up with Corbin Dallas to settle a dispute, but the dark planet, basically the root of evil or at least its harbinger, is definitely on its way to ruin the day. Leeloo on the other hand, the supreme and divine being, is blissfully naive to the ways of humanity, the same species that she’s there to save, until she gets to the letter ‘W’, which is strange since there are a lot, I mean A LOT, of words in the various languages of earth that are more disturbing than war, and they do tend to come first. The dramatic kick needed for the movie and for doubt to finally creep into Leeloo’s heart about whether or not humanity is worth saving is kind of over the top when it comes to the drama since at that point one has to wonder just what she was thinking mankind was all about before she made that revelation. It was kind of obvious from the way she’d been treated and the general disdain that a lot of human beings had for each other in the movie that people weren’t perfect and that their flaws manifested themselves quite readily. So why did it take learning about war to find out just how destructive and hateful humans could be?

A lot of people won’t question it simply because of the impact it had on the movie, especially when Corbin and the others were so close to reaching the goal that had been the main point in the first place, to get Leeloo and the stones to the temple where they could stop the dark planet from impacting with the earth. But of course last second saves are a lot more cinematic, and as such it took Corbin convincing Leelo that love was worth feeling and that yes, he did need her and he did love her. Interesting how the power of love is used to finally unify the stones and blast the dark planet into an inert state. The momentum of the careening planet alone should have allowed it to impact with the earth, especially considering that its velocity, as shown in the movie, was simply tremendous, and a dead stop like that, coupled with the force of the ‘love beam’ for lack of a better description, should have likely destabilized the planet in a very significant way and caused a great deal of structural damage. But much like we’ve seen in the Care Bears, that beam of power isn’t meant to destroy, just deter and make the world a better place. The funny thing about that is the fact that a lot of people in this movie didn’t know much of anything was even wrong, and likely would have reacted to the news by either panicking and rioting or even shrugging their shoulders and saying ‘meh’. We’re human after all, it does take a lot to really rile us up unless there’s a hot-button issue right here on earth that people want to discuss and champion for one reason or another.

All in all though this was still an enjoyable movie if one just turns off their logic circuits for a little bit in order to enjoy it. Obviously there are a lot of points in the movie that could have been just a bit better, but such improvements likely would have come at the expense of the overall story.

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