What If the Feral Kid is Max in Fury Road?

What If the Feral Kid is Max in Fury Road?

People might be amazed at how many fan theories there are on the internet, and how many different movies and shows there are that are subjected to this type of rumor and gossip. For the most part, a lot of it is divided into what’s realistic and therefore counts as news, and the rest of it is left to float around gathering tidbits here and there to eventually become a full-blown theory. In this case, the feral kid from The Road Warrior, not the first movie in the trilogy as people forget, but one of the best, all the same, has been theorized to become the figure we saw in Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s worth thinking about since the narration by the grown version of the child at the end of the movie does make a good case that says that he would eventually become someone that was worthy of note. Plus, there’s no set timeline for this kid and the trials he might have gone through in his life, so it’s fair to say that he might have taken on the name and demeanor of the man he looked up to in the second movie. 

Somewhere along the way, the kid did learn to speak obviously, but the grunts and non-verbal cues that Max exhibits in Fury Road could easily be remnants of his otherwise animalistic form of speech since if anyone recalls, this kid was little more than a savage when he first showed up. But he was deadly, there’s no doubt of that since the boomerang that he kept with him was capable of taking off fingers and doing even more damage if it was on target. It’s a lot of conjecture that won’t go anywhere since the canon for the Mad Max movies is pretty well set, but at the same time, it’s fun to think that a fan fiction version might find its way to the internet eventually if someone had the type of ambition that was needed to make it happen. 

Out of the many different theories, this one is fun since it could possibly be true if it were allowed to be, as the Road Warrior could be someone that inspired the next Max, which means that this kid could have gone on to live a life that was fairly similar to the man he came to respect, and he could have experienced a great deal of loss in his life, especially since the raiders of the wasteland are so plentiful. Knocking down one of them only makes it easier for others to come along and take over, as this has been the case since the beginning of the Mad Max story. Given how tough he was as a kid, it definitely feels as though this character could have grown up to be someone that wouldn’t be easy to mess with, though as it’s seen in Fury Road he still has plenty of limitations since one on one, there are people he can take on, but when it’s more than that he’s best at running and possibly surviving if he can find a way. One thing that’s always been great about the character of Max is that he’s a survivor, but he’s not a superman that can simply wade through anything or anyone. 

The appeal of this makes it easier to believe that the feral kid could have become Max at one point and learned how to make his way in a world that was little more than blood and fire. It might also be easy to explain how he would have been separated from his tribe to have an adventure or two before settling down as a tribal leader finally. His path to manhood could have been one of the perilous trips of his life, and it would stand to reason that there would be plenty of stories to tell. There are plenty of arguments to tear this theory to bits, but at the same time, one would have to ask why, especially when it’s simply a fun story to tell and to think about as a what-if, not a serious story. But as I mentioned, if someone had the ambition and skill to turn this theory into a bit of fan fiction it would be pretty cool since it might tell a great tale. 

Fans are almost always willing to see things from a different angle. Well, those that are innovative and not so set in their ways are at least. But seeing the feral kid as Max wouldn’t be too difficult since it would be another great story that could be connected to the Road Warrior. Even imagining what the feral kid would have gone through to become the narrator of his own story is kind of intriguing, and now I’m wishing someone would take this theory and run with it. 

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