Mad Max Wasteland Apparently Given the Green Light

Mad Max Wasteland Apparently Given the Green Light


There has to be another one, right? There just has to be since it would make sense to give the story more life and a little more road ahead to keep rolling along. Since 1979 the story of Mad Max has been cruising along and to think that it might stop after Fury Road would have been bittersweet since it would have delivered a classic back to the fans only to yank it away again. Thankfully, as Josh Plainse of Screenrant has mentioned, there is hope for Mad Max 5 to start rolling, though it’s likely that we’ll see a few changes since it does sound as though this could be a prequel to bridge the gap between Thunderdome and Fury Road, meaning Furiosa, who gained so much fan approval during her time on screen, won’t be there. Unfortunately for the fans there is a good reason for this since Charlize Theron apparently has a very busy schedule ahead of her and likely wouldn’t be able to meet the obligation at any rate, while Tom Hardy should be finishing up with Venom 2 any day and could possibly be signed on to the next installment, which of course is the desire of so many fans. Hardy and Theron swung and nailed it right out of the park with Fury Road since in a way it looked like a mess of striking visuals and a plot line that wasn’t all that challenging. But when put together the movie came alive in a way that was hard to deny had a lot of worth and was able to silence even the most jaded fan for a few minutes.

The fifth installment isn’t set in stone just yet as all the details haven’t been worked out, the cast being one of those details that happens to be quite important. But the story for Wasteland has apparently been sitting in the lap of the writer/director, George Miller, for quite some time now. Apparently there was even a point and time when Miller was toying with the idea of creating Wasteland using animation, which might have been a huge mistake but still would have pulled in plenty of fans. It’s Mad Max after all, people are going to show up even if they used puppets to make the movie. Well, maybe not quite as many, but the point is that Miller put the kibosh on the idea of animation quickly as he’s faithful to his story and wants it given the kind of presentation that helped to make it so popular throughout the years. As a writer and an author this is pretty inspiring really since a lot of us that have ever written a story likely feel the same way and wouldn’t trade in our chance to tell the story the way we want it for a quick and easy chance to get something out in front of the audience. Some would, but a lot might regret it.

Making this movie into a prequel sounds like a great idea since not only does it free up any need to find time to plug in Theron but it also has the chance of exploring the character of Max after his stint in Thunderdome, if Miller is in fact thinking about connecting the two, and can possibly give the fans a better look into what came between the two movies and how they link up. One has to remember that Max had made a few new enemies at the end of Thunderdome even as he was helping others to escape, so it’s feasible he had to keep on the move to stay ahead of those that might decide that he’s better off dead instead of just being left alone.  Plus, as we already saw with Fury Road there are plenty of bad guys out there that are willing to subjugate others and make life a living hell in a post-apocalyptic world where life tends to be measured in seconds and minutes instead of days. Jordan Crucchiola of Wired managed to write an article that might answer a lot of questions that fans want answered.Getting Tom Hardy to come back would be key since a lot of fans took to him in a big way and it was easy to see how he could assume the role and do justice to it in a big way without too much effort. Mel Gibson might have been the popular choice at first but one has to think that he’s starting to get kind of old and at this point action movies aren’t really his forte any longer. Like it or not, the last few movies he’s been in that have featured any type of action have been a far cry from the things he used to do since quite honestly he’s getting up there in age and anything in Max’s world would probably be a little beyond what he can do at this point. Of course there are stunt doubles for such things, but Hardy is still the better option.

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