The Blooper Reel for Zombieland: Double Tap is Pretty Awesome

Zombieland Double Tap Bloopers

You’ve just got to love blooper reels for one reason, they’re funnier than hell. Zombieland 2: Doubletap, just released not long ago and a lot of times it would seem that we don’t get to see the blooper reel for some time after, but this is a treat. Sometimes the bloopers are due to the actors feeling silly and at other times they either lose the line, botch the line, or find something too amusing in the moment to keep the line straight. All in all it delivers some very funny material, as Lydia Price of People might agree, that we don’t get to see until later but can’t help laughing at since it’s some of the best material in the whole movie sometimes. With a lot of movies the bloopers are the best part simply because they show the actors having fun and really getting into the idea of just being loose and flubbing a line here or there. Likely as not there are moments when the fun and games aren’t quite as appreciated, but it’s hard to think that the movies aren’t all that enjoyable to make when we get to see these candid moments.

Remember movies such as Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men? People roared with laughter during the movies but were just as breathless with laughter when the outtakes hit thanks to the antics of the actors and how they interacted with each other. These days it might be seen that some of the things they said and did were offensive, yes I’m rolling my eyes, but in a big sense it gives a person the idea that the movies aren’t always the serious affairs they seem to be. Plus, Zombieland has been kind of a goofy movie since the first one, and thankfully the second movie seems to echo this sentiment considering that it’s just as out there and crazy as the first. Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock are all back and doing their best to survive as always, having moved into the White House of all places where they shack up for a while. Of course the adventure needs to keep going and the stakes need to keep rising as the zombies take on a new dimension as they get tougher to kill, and more survivors are found throughout the states. The overall point of the movie is pretty much the same though, survive and learn how to work together to create a cohesive unit that will stand for each other and seek to push on. If that point had been lost then the movie might not have been worth the regard it’s already been given. Whether there’s going to be a third one or not still seems like a good question, but if there is then more challenges are going to have to come along that will test the tightly-knit group.

The hope is that this movie won’t become like a comedic version of Resident Evil, in which the zombies continue to change in one way after another and thereby become even more dangerous and more challenging. Just having them become harder to kill in the second movie should be enough, and it’s obviously exacerbated by the fact that there’s a group of survivors that have disdained the use of guns and have melted them down while trying to live in the current world. You can’t make this stuff up, that’s an actual part of this movie in which people seem to think that living without the means to survive is a good idea. Thankfully insane heads like Tallahassee tend to see through this and prevail by blowing up enormous tankers full of biodiesel and taking out scores of zombies at once.

This is the kind of movie that you hope to see outtakes from since despite being made ten years after the original it’s also the kind of movie in which the actors tend to bond and have a great deal of fun together since a good number of them have worked with each other in the past or have the kind of charisma that makes it possible for them to come together and just have a good time. For this reason I’m with Annie Harrigan of The Crimson in saying that it was worth the wait. Plus when you think about it, despite all the hard work and constant takes that go into actually making the movie, it’s better to laugh and have a good time now and again than to get flustered and frustrated with each other when a line gets flubbed or someone forgets their mark for one reason or another. For all the stuff we say about celebrities they’re human beings and things do tend to happen now and again. But watching them flub something and then laugh about it is nice since it does bring to mind the idea that they’re having fun, at least in that moment. Plus, realizing it’s not such a cut and dried matter is kind of refreshing.

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