Five NFL Teams That Had Prominent Roles in Film

Five NFL Teams That Had Prominent Roles in Film

Five NFL Teams That Had Prominent Roles in Film

The NFL is one of the biggest drawing cards for networks featuring the games as they make their way to the championship games. The grand finale is the Super Bowl and this is the big day for TV, but there have been several films throughout history that have featured popular NFL teams. Here are five NFL teams that have made an appearance in five top rated films.

5. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are the featured team in the movie “The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders,” (1979) which didn’t focus as much on the guys as it did the girls. The film tells the story of a newspaper editor who tries out for the cheerleading team incognito, to find out what goes on in the process. Her goal is to get an “insider’s” story out of the experience.

4. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals were the featured team in the movie “Jerry McGuire.” Tom Cruise led the cast which included Cuba Gooding, Jr., Renee Zellwegger and Jay Mohr. The fame between the Cowboys vs. the Cardinals. This is the movie that made popular the catch phrase, “show me the money.” Cruise played an agent that was fired from his job because he had a conscience. Before he completely gets out of the game, he goes on a mission to prove that not all sports agents have to be ruthless or heartless in the execution of their duties.

3. Los Angeles Rams

“Heaven Can Wait” is a film that tells the fictitious story of Joe Pendleton who plays backup quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams. He is preparing for the game of his life and the plan is to lead the Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl. Joe Pendleton is riding a bicycle though an old tunnel when he is hit by a truck. Although he isn’t dead yet, his overzealous guardian angel takes his soul from his body because he believes that death is imminent. He wasn’t actually supposed to die yet, but because his body was cremated, the angel must find a new body to house his soul. He is placed in the body of a rich industrialist who has just been killed by his cheating wife and her lover. After some comedy and drama, Joe takes on the body of tom Jarrett, who was killed in play on the field. After removing all of his old memories, the angel has finally given Joe back a life as an NFL player.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles was the NFL team that was highlighted in the movie “Invincible.” it is the story of a bartender who has the opportunity to try out for the Eagles. Miraculously, he makes the team and he even scores a touchdown during the game. This film is inspired by a real player for teh team named Vince Papale. It is a based on some truths but there are a lot of inaccuracies about the movie. The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Greg Kinnear and Elizabeth Banks. Kinnear plays the role of Dick Vermeil who wins the NRC Championship Game in 1980 and retires form the game. He then returns to NFL action to carry the St. Louis Rams to the 1999 Super Bowl where the team takes the title.

1. Cleveland Browns

“The Express” is the film that illustrates the life of the late Ernie Davis.He was the first African-American in history to win the coveted Heisman Trophy. The movie stars Rob Brown and Dennis Quaid. Davis played in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns but a diagnosis of Leukemia ended his professional football career. A second film that features the Browns is the Kevin Costner film “Draft Day.” It is the story about how Costner builds the team up to take them all the way. The NFL was in favor of the creation of the film.

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