Casting the Eventual Anthony Scaramucci Lifetime Movie

So did you hear the news? Anthony Scaramucci just got released from his position as Communications Director, and was given the business by his successor John Kelly. Ouch, that’s got to hurt to be honest. After all he only held the position for around 10 days and then he was ousted. Even watching pull-my-string Huckabee talk about him so dismissively was kind of painful in a way, but I suppose it’s for the best considering that there are toilets in the dirtiest bathroom in the dingiest gas station bathrooms that are cleaner than his mouth. So if there is a Lifetime movie to be made from this, and it might actually come to pass you never know, just who would be the person to step into the role? After all one man comes to mind since he’s done such a great job of parodying Scaramucci. But who would take over the other roles?

Here are a few ideas that might make sense.

Anthony Scaramucci – Mario Cantone

He’s already done it before and with great effect in fact. If he’s allowed to let his mouth run he could be perfect for the role. Mario wouldn’t need to work much with makeup at all and could pull off the attitude quite easily. It might be tempting to make light of the situation but I think he could make it into a serious film as well.

Joe Kelly – Colm Feore

He’s been in a lot of different films to date and he’s been shown to be capable of being funny as well as serious. Drama seems to be his big thing and to be quite honest I think he would excel in the stern role of Joe Kelly. His look, his demeanor, and of course his ability to brow beat someone on screen would prove to be invaluable.

Sara Huckabee Sanders – Amy Schumer

Why Schumer? Because half of America likes her and the other half detests her. Or has public opinion changed since this article? Anyway, almost the same thing can be said of Huckabee-Sanders as well. The only difference is that Schumer might have to tone down her rhetoric just a bit and make it look like someone is pulling her string like a Chatty Cathy doll, basically giving her permission to speak. That might be Schumer’s biggest challenge ever.

Donald Trump – Alec Baldwin

To be believable as the POTUS an actor would have to at least be close to the man’s body type. Even with a specialized bodysuit it wouldn’t quite work as well. Alec Baldwin has done him so many times that it might be nice to see if he could do the role in a more serious manner this time. You think Trump would mind? After all he is known to block people on Twitter if he gets offended. You think he might boycott the movie? Would it matter?

So the Mooch wasn’t the best pick, most of America could have and probably did try to tell Trump this, but of course he listens to one person, himself. Is it always the right decision, not even close. Will he keep making those decisions? Sigh, probably.


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