The Top Five Jeremy Piven Yelling Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Jeremy Piven Yelling Scenes in Movies

Listening to Jeremy Piven yell is almost like hearing someone turn up the volume as he’s talking since really that’s the impression that’s given. He doesn’t truly yell like a lot of other people, his voice just gets super intense. He’s funny when he yells most of the time unless he’s in a movie where it’s not warranted, but still his voice doesn’t get above a certain level, remaining right there at a reasonable tone no matter how loud he gets. It’s only when his characters get really desperate that things start to change with his voice and he starts to take on a different pitch that speaks of something a little more raw and unfettered. Until then his yelling is usually more controlled and  kept on a tighter leash than some.

It’s almost like he’s pushing his voice out at you.

5. PCU

On campus he’s the man, the guy that knows what to do, and the guy that’s been around longer than many others that knows the ins and outs of the college life. Of course he’s also the guy that knows how to get a person in trouble in multiple ways but a lot of people tend to disregard that and consider him one of the coolest guys around. It’s the kind of movie that you can’t help but laugh at, even though you know this guy would be expelled in a minute.

4. High Fidelity

Here he’s the best friend that really doesn’t want to get involved with whatever scheme his friend is trying to get him into but can’t help himself. You tend to do a lot for friends when they decide that they really need your help for something. That’s what friends are for though, to get you into trouble and when necessary to help you get back out of it.

3. Smokin’ Aces

Buddy Israel is not a nice guy. He’s about as far away from nice as you can get and at one point he’s willing to sacrifice his entire entourage to save his own skin from being tossed in prison. If not for being valuable to the FBI for a reason that the viewer doesn’t get to know until the end, they probably wouldn’t have helped him the first place and he would have been a dead man.

2. Very Bad Things

Murder does a strange thing to people. Some it hardens, others it weakens just before causing them to crack. The guys were just in Las Vegas to have some fun for a bachelor party and in doing so they kicked off a line of events that ended up forcing them to commit murder, dismemberment, and to create a lifetime of nightmares for everyone involved.

1. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

Car sales is not an easy or forgiving job. It’s something you have to either have to dive into and forget all compassion for your fellow human being during working hours or else prepare to be broke as you uphold your sense of morality. Being a car salesperson isn’t easy unless you have the gift of gab and are good enough with people to make sure that they think they’re getting the deal of a lifetime.

Jeremy Piven is just intense.

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