The Top Five Jason Clarke Movie Roles of His Career

Jason Clarke is kind of a surprise as an actor since he seemed to come out of nowhere and got popular so fast that people had to turn their heads trying to figure out just where they’d seen him before. In fact his rise to fame at this point has been so meteoric that it’s not going to take all that long to figure that he’s always been a part of Hollywood and people just didn’t see him for what he was until now. He’s been cast in enough roles that are very different from one another to earn the description of ‘versatile’, and he’s done so fairly well as he can be a detestable bad guy or a good guy you can relate to.

In short he’s one of those that is at this point still skilled and young enough to take the reins from the aging actors.

5. Death Race-Ulrich

His part as Ulrich isn’t huge but it’s big enough that people see him as kind of a henchman in this movie. He’s not the guy that makes all the decisions but he’s the toady that carries them out and makes sure that his boss’s orders are followed to the letter most times. In many ways his character is the one that you hope to see perish sometime before the end credits start to roll, but the way it happens is close enough.

4. Zero Dark Thirty-Dan

It doesn’t seem like he’s in this film all that much but he does play an important role as a CIA Intelligence officer. The reason he might not seem as present is that the content of this film focuses mainly around the finding and eliminating of Osama Bin Laden, which was something that American audiences were waiting for going on ten years at this time. The dramatization of the even was just the topper that people needed to see.

3. Terminator: Genisys-John Connor

In terms of effects this movie was pretty awesome, but a lot of people have gotten so tired of seeing the Terminator timeline ripped up and pieced back together that they seem to have forgotten the whole premise of time travel. Changing one thing means changing a lot of things. While some of the actors might not have been right for the job the role of John Connor is still an important one in this franchise and the act of having him turn on the resistance was just horrifying.

2. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes-Malcolm

Much like the initial movie that kicked this franchise off in a new direction this movie had a human protagonist that wanted to make peace with the apes. Malcolm didn’t want to fight, he didn’t want to be at war with creatures that could arguably kill every last human with relative ease since they’d become organized. But sadly not all humans thought as he did and the war continued.

1. Lawless-Howard Bondurant

Howard is the mean, scruffy, and very violent Bondurant brother that wouldn’t back down from a fight and wouldn’t tolerate anyone harming his kin. He might have gone off the rails a time or two but his heart was in the right place at least. Crossing any of the Bondurant’s was never a good idea, but being anywhere near Howard when he was angry was like taking your own life in your hands.

Jason Clarke is definitely one of the more skilled actors of today.

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