The Top Five Gene Kelly Movie Roles of His Career

Gene Kelly just about did it all since he was an actor, a dancer, a choreographer, a film director, and a producer. His mother enrolled him and his brother in dance classes when Gene was 8 and apparently they rebelled a lot. They also got in a lot of fights since boys back then weren’t seen as man enough if they were dancing and prancing about. Gene didn’t start dancing again until he was about 15. By the time he was 16 and graduated from high school he was performing dance routines with his brother at nightclubs and local talent contests.

In fact despite being able to go to law school, Gene dropped out to go into dance full-time.

5. Brigadoon-Tommy Albright

Brigadoon only shows once every hundred years for a single day. A spell has been place on the village to keep it hidden from the rest of the world so that it will never change. When Tommy meets Fiona however the idea of leaving everything he’s ever known behind to be with her proves too daunting at first. He leaves for home, but after a while he can think of nothing but Fiona and so makes his way back to Brigadoon, to find that it’s still miraculously there.

4. Anchors Aweigh-Joseph Brady

Two sailors on leave decide to make their way into New York looking for something to do and eventually get roped into taking a kid home to wait for his guardians to show back up. Eventually one of them becomes smitten with a lovely New York girl and attempts to get her an audition with a music producer as he’s said he can. When it all almost blows up in their faces however she’s prepared to give them the business when the music producer decides to give her music a listen.

3. On the Town-Gabey

How much could possibly happen while on a 24-hour leave? Three sailors go gallivanting about New York in search of love and a bit of adventure as they make their way along with the ladies of their choosing. Gabey’s lady however ditches them at some point as she has to get to work, but the group chases her down at her job just before leave is up and the three couples share a passionate kiss before the sailors have to ship off.

2. An American in Paris-Jerry Mulligan

It’s hard to realize that you’re meant to be with someone when they continually rebuff you and then go on to try and marry someone that they feel loyal to for one reason or another. But Jerry didn’t just up and quit at any time even though each attempt seemed destined to bring nothing more but heartache. In the end however Jerry and Lise finally declare their love for one another and end up in each other’s arms.

1. Singin’ in the Rain-Don Lockwood

This timeless classic follows the story of Don Lockwood as he tries to put up with his obnoxious costar Lina and attempts to find the root of his feelings for Kathy, the woman he just happens to like no matter how much he teases her. Throughout the film the idea of talkies starts cropping up and once they’re implemented it’s found out just how horrible Lina sounds while Kathy has the voice of an angel.

Gene Kelly was the guy that could do it all.

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