The Top Five Funniest Meryl Streep Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Funniest Meryl Streep Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Funniest Meryl Streep Scenes in Movies

Some folks don’t think of Meryl Streep as a comedian and quite honestly being in funny scenes isn’t why she’s normally given the awards she’s amassed over the years. But don’t sell her short on this one since she is known to be quite amusing and has been in her fair share of comical scenes throughout the years. It might not be that she’s funny per se, but she knows how to play to the camera and hit her mark in a way that makes it look like she’s been a passingly good comic for a while. I’ll admit she’s not my favorite person in the world but in the same breath I can also admit that she is one very talented and elegant woman onscreen. If not for a few of her speeches while accepting her awards I might be inclined to say that she is in fact a person that I could deeply respect. But still, even with that I’ll concede that she’s got quite a range when it comes to talent.

Here’s a few instances in which she’s showed that she can be at least a little funny.

5. Death Becomes Her

There are plenty of comical moments in this movie but really it’s about all that keeps it going since the entire premise is kind of foolish and entirely campy. One kind of has to wonder if Streep knew what she was going into when she got into this film but through it all there are enough one-liners and bits of humor to make it a memorable experience in more than one way.

4. Postcard from the Edge

Suzanne is having an extremely bad run of thing while attempting to get her life back on track and her acting career back to where she needs it to be. Being told that she has to move in with her mother so that an insurance carrier will cover her is about the last thing she wants to hear. She spent too long trying to get out from beneath her mother’s influence to go back, but it’s the only way.

3. Prime

Lisa is torn when it comes to realizing that her son David is dating her patient Rafi and unwittingly causes a scene in a store when she discovers them together. This is one reason I’m glad that my parents were never therapists or even counselors since it seems to bring forth a lot of problems that are hard to deal with. Just imagine finding out that your mom is your girlfriend’s therapist.

2. Hope Springs

This scene is just funny enough without having to know what’s going on in the movie. Sex is something that people don’t know about at first but know they want, and then once they get it tend to have mixed feelings about until they discover they either want it and can’t get it or can get it and sometimes don’t want it. Either way, the dilemma is kind of silly when you think about it.

1. It’s Complicated

This seems so wrong on so many levels since Jane and Jake ended their marriage but then continued an affair for so long. It’s wrong as well since Jake didn’t seem to understand that the laptop he was facing with his manly parts hanging out was on full view for Adam to step in and see at the wrong moment.

See? She can be funny.

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