The Top Five Dystopian TV Shows of All-Time

Walking Dead Whisperers

We all wonder what’s going to happen in the future. What fate will humanity have waiting? What will we become? So far in most future films and TV shows we don’t have a very bright future to look forward to. It would seem that our outlook is pretty bleak if you go by what you see on TV and films. I would ask why but then it’s likely I’d be inundated with a million answers that all say the same thing. It’s entertainment. I agree wholeheartedly. There is something very compelling about a story of a dystopian future in which humanity’s core essence has been called into question. Every show has to deal with the idea of what it is that makes us human and what we’re willing to do when the world seems to be ending.

What kind of world do you think we’re headed for?

5. The 100

After a massive nuclear holocaust the earth becomes a poisonous place for humanity. This forces them into space aboard the Ark, a massive habitat that can house a large number of humans. For generations the Ark is a home to many, but when the population begins to grow too quickly they must send a substantial number away or risk everyone aboard. The solution? Send the 100 prisoners, all teenagers, to earth in order to determine if it can sustain life once more.

4. Colony

In the near future humanity has been divided into several Blocs that are divided throughout the world. Each Bloc has a wall surrounding its entire perimeter, dividing it from the rest of the surrounding area. People still live, work, and function normally within the Blocs, so long as they do not resist or dissent in any way. Strangely enough, the invading forces are never seen, as they recruit humans to do the job for them.

3. The Handmaid’s Tale

The United States has fallen and is now under the control of a Christian theonomic government. Women can no longer own property or do anything for themselves. They are forced to live in the houses of their masters and bear children that they will never know while they are treated as property. Some among them can remember the time before, when they still had a life. But to say or do anything other than obey is court death.

2. Into the Badlands

Five centuries after the earth is left in ruins, seven barons seek to make order out of chaos. Sonny, a loyal Clipper to one of those barons, seeks to make sense of his life as he does what he is ordered and patrols his baron’s lands. When he dispatches a wandering band of thugs however he finds something, or rather someone, that will turn his world upside down.

1. The Walking Dead

The world we know is gone. A deadly outbreak has infected or killed most of the population, leaving only those that are able to survive.  Some seek to live in peace and form a new life out of the ashes. Others seek to subjugate their fellow survivors and demand their servitude. In a world where the dead rule, the only important thing is to stay alive.

The allure of the dystopian world is quite simple. It’s survival of the fittest.


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