The Top Five Chevy Chase Yelling Moments in his Movie Career

Despite stories about him being kind of a jerk Chevy Chase is still one of the greatest comedians to ever take the stage and go on an epic rant. He’s sparred, verbally, with some of the best in the business and has come out sounding just as funny as ever and been even more popular for it. His style of comedy is something a person has to get used to at times but otherwise he’s as hilarious as a person can be. Of course people are going to remember the Vacation movies the most simply because they made the biggest impact, but other films like Fletch and Caddyshack and even a few others are notable among his many successes.

He’s just a funny guy, no matter what.

5. Christmas Vacation

After waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a Christmas bonus that would allow him to put in a swimming pool and invite his family over to christen it Clark gets one of the biggest slaps in the face any long-term employee ever could. He gets enrolled in a jelly of the month club. If you’re expecting a nice big bonus for your efforts and get a jelly membership you have every right to a rant like this.

4. Funny Farm

No writer really likes criticism, it implies that you’re doing something wrong. But sometimes a writer has to face the facts that what they put on the page just wasn’t worth the ink. That’s a very hard realization that a lot of us have had to go through, but it’s also very real. However when it happens to Chevy this time he can’t help but going a little bit overboard.

3. The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos are among the best entertainers that ever were, until they’re not. When their show gets cancelled they have no choice but to find work anywhere they can and do what it takes to make ends meet. The problem is that someone out in the real world happened to think that they were actually the real heroes they posed as on their show. You can kind of guess what happens after that.

2. Vegas Vacation

This is kind of where the Vacation movies went off the rails it seems. It was still a funny movie but it didn’t rely upon the same kind of humor that the first films did. A lot of people tend to think that European Vacation was the worst in the bunch but this one isn’t too far off. The jokes were overplayed, the kids were different, again, and the plot was kind of buried under the implied hilarity.

1. National Lampoon’s Vacation

The absolute best of the bunch right here. The entire Griswold family was so bent on reaching WallyWorld that at one point it became more of a pilgrimage than a vacation, and Clark was more like a drill sergeant than a father or husband. Of course the worst insult of all was getting to the park and finding that it was close for repairs. I might’ve punched the moose too.

Back in the day Chevy Chase was just flat out funny.

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