The Top Five Barry Pepper Movie Roles of his Career

You might not think a lot about Barry Pepper but he’s been around for a while and he’s been one solid supporting actor most of the time while at other times he’s been a lead that just doesn’t get enough credit. He’s a great actor but finding the roles in which he can shine usually means that he’s going to be the support and not the main character. Yet somehow his characters end up being some of the most crucial in the story, meaning that he’s a pillar that can’t be done without. While it’s not the same glory as the lead it’s a role that’s extremely important as well.

If he’s there he’s important in some way.

5. Enemy of the State-David Pratt

This was something of a lesser role for him since he wasn’t front and center the entire time, but then again Will Smith, Gene Hackman, and Jon Voight tend to take up a lot of screen when they’re in a movie and it’s hard to contend. But he did play a solid role as one of the agents that’s always around and always ready for action. But in the end he went down with the rest of them when the bullets started flying.

4. Saving Private Ryan-Private Jackson

Jackson was one of the deadliest men in the group since he was the sniper, the guy in any group of soldiers that can kill from a further distance than anyone and is usually trained to be deadly accurate when he needs to be. Unfortunately in an active war zone where it’s a matter of having superior firepower that skill comes in handy for only so long. Once you shoot you need to keep moving, otherwise it’s far too easy for soldiers to pinpoint just where you are.

3. We Were Soldiers-Joe Galloway

This time he played a guy that had no idea what he was getting into until the bullets and the bombs started flying and the landscape turned into a hellish nightmare. Despite being just a journalist when he started Galloway became a survivor that could rightfully lay claim to the infamous thousand-yard stare after what he’d seen. The other reporters simply had no idea what had gone on or why everyone remained so silent.

2. 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story-Dale Earnhardt

Legends are almost always remembered in this way since it affords a lot more people the chance to see at least some part of history that isn’t being fabricated by Hollywood. Now granted there might have been elements in this movie that weren’t entirely true to form, but Dale Earnhardt was a legend in his own time that had managed to earn a solid fan base and become something that the world of NASCAR had never seen.

1. The Green Mile-Dean Stanton

You might not think that he would have become known after this movie but Barry put in an extremely solid performance when paired with the likes of Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan. Despite the number of established and, in some cases, more popular actors he was able to put up a very memorable role in this movie since Dean was one of the more notable guards that was needed for the story to work.

Barry Pepper should have won at least a few more awards by now.

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