The Top Five Asian Movie Villains of All-Time

The Top Five Asian Movie Villains of All-Time

The Top Five Asian Movie Villains of All-Time

This is another stereotype that might not sit well with some people, but Asian villains have gone over big in America. On the same note, Asian heroes have gone over just as well, so at the very least there’s a very notable dichotomy within the use of Asian actors as stereotypes. That might not sound all that appealing, but the villains on this list are some of the worst to ever be seen in film. This means that they are nasty, vicious, and just the kind of guys you wouldn’t want to mess with for any reason.

So here are some of the baddest of bad doing what they do best.

5. Tong Po – Kickboxer

The guy is seen kicking a concrete column, and shaking it. In true fashion however he takes forever to hit JCVD each and every time, and somehow he still lands some of his most powerful hits. Plus, he grabs Van Damme by the hair and proceeds to taunt and then humiliate him in front of a roaring crowd. He’s an imposing figure to be certain, but in today’s cinema he’s kind of a running joke. At the very least, Dave Bautista brought new life to the character in a much more vicious manner. For the time period though, Tong Po was a walking nightmare.

4. Chong Li – Bloodsport

Jean Claude Van Damme certainly knows how to pick some of the most menacing characters for his films. Chong Li is built like a brick outhouse and has no trouble throwing people around.  Plus he’s just insanely quick and unforgivably ruthless. It take JCVD a while to get him down, but it almost takes Chong Li’s imminent death to get him to finally give in and acknowledge his defeat. You might think that a guy who showed up in films with Bruce Lee might feel a little slighted by having to give in like this, but keep in mind he’s a dominant character throughout the film.

3. Lo Pan – Big Trouble in Little China

Not every Asian villain needs to be physically imposing to be scary.  Lo Pan is an ancient sorcerer cursed to wander the world as a spirit of sorts. He needs a certain type of woman with green eyes to regain his flesh, and must sacrifice her to keep it. His first run-in with Jack Burton is kind of comical in that he actually beckons Burton to hit him with his truck. Burton does so and almost pays the price for it when Lo Pan starts shooting rays of light from his eyes and mouth. Jack eventually gets the last dig in however when he squares up Lo Pan with a knife right between the eyes. That’s the problem with being flesh and blood, it makes one vulnerable.

2. Dae Han – Best of the Best

Cruel, ruthless, and flat out tough, Dae Han is one of the dirtiest and strongest fighters in the game. He knows how to hit hard, where to hit for maximum damage, and he’s not shy about putting his opponents down for the count. Tommy however is out for revenge and a chance to show that he is the best of the best, so despite Dae Han’s ruthless aggression he’s still not quite the right match for a man that’s got something to prove.

1. Mr. Chow – The Hangover

This guy is just flat out nuts. There is no other word for the madness that Leslie Chow brings to the game. He’s not above doing anything to get what he wants. His ethics are a thing of fantasy and he will turn on those he calls friend in a heartbeat if he thinks they’re out to betray him or even just insult him in any way. Strangely enough the only one he really bonds with through the films is Alan, and even that’s fairly messed up.

So Asian stereotypes have definitely changed throughout the years. They’re not all jacked up martial artists bent on taking out their competition or anyone in their way. They’ve become just as diverse as anyone else, and are thankfully just as entertaining to watch.


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