What Can We Expect from The Eventual Tomorrow War 2?

What Can We Expect from The Eventual Tomorrow War 2?

What Can We Expect from The Eventual Tomorrow War 2?

You might be like a lot of people when it comes to wondering if there will be another Tomorrow War coming out, but the fact is that the first movie looks like it gave people a conclusion that didn’t allow for an easy transition into another movie. Of course, those in charge obviously think otherwise since it sounds as though the sequel will be space-bound and will feature a few of the same cast members as the first movie. But taking a look at a couple of factors makes this look like one big cash grab since not only did the movie come to a satisfying conclusion, but the fact that Chris Pratt’s star power when it comes to action movies is still hitting its peak, it’s very likely that this is what is being banked on given that studios also recognize that when there’s even a hint that they might make another few million then it’s time to get to churning out a screenplay, no matter how rough it might be to start with. That’s the feeling that comes to mind when thinking about this since even if the movie does manage to come out by 2024 it’s a big hope that Pratt will still be the big star that he currently is since three years is a long time when it comes to keeping a reputation, believe it or not.

Amazon hasn’t given the project the green light yet, but even if it does happen it’s fair to say that this sequel might have to fire on all cylinders from start to finish since the first movie has quite a few plot holes that one could drive a truck through, and they appear to be there on purpose. Some of the things that one might think that a screenwriter might have looked at and wondered about are moments that actually made it into the movie, such as dropping their drafted fighters into the middle of the sky where they would have to hope that they drop onto something soft or that they can survive following the impact. Then there’s the overriding idea of the people from the future not going back to a short time before humanity gets wiped out to figure out where the Whitespikes came from and where to find them.

These are ideas that would make sense, and that’s likely why they’re not used in the movie since it would reduce the running time to a few minutes at best. As an action movie, it definitely works since the idea of something that’s brainless enough but also exciting and fast-moving is what a lot of people happen to like. But with all the gaping plot holes and ideas that don’t make a lot of sense unless the people from the future, y’know, the people who have the benefit of time travel, just came up with the idea and aren’t really sure of how to use it to the best of their ability. But even that feels like something that might not be easy to explain since it all becomes a jumble of poorly made choices eventually that somehow end up becoming a fully-fleshed-out movie that has a definitive ending that someone, somehow, thinks is still worth a sequel.

It’s tough to say that a movie shouldn’t get a sequel without any doubt. Some movies tend to beg for a sequel with the ending they’re given, but others, such as this one, don’t appear to need it since point A has meant point Z and everything has been concluded in a way that is satisfactory for everyone. The Whitespikes are dead, as far as anyone knows, and humanity has been saved. There is the question of who placed the Whitespikes on earth in the first place, and it does sound as though this might be one of the reasons why a sequel might be necessary, but if that was all it took then we’d have seen at least ten Alien movies by now simply because the origin of the xenomorphs still feels as though it’s not fully concluded. But back to this movie, since the utter destruction of the hive kind of made it apparent that humanity was safe at this point if that happened to be the only hive. There’s also the chance that the aliens that put the Whitespikes there might have seeded other areas with the bioengineered creatures after all.

However it turns out, it doesn’t sound as though the sequel to The Tomorrow War is going to be arriving anytime soon, especially since coming up with a way to make the movie work will require a great script that will hopefully be a little more structurally sound than what we were given the first time. It was a great action movie, but the sequel needs to be better.

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