What We Know About Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2

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Thus far there’s a lot more known about Into the Spider-Verse 2 than many might initially think since the first movie was such a success that Sony had no trouble green-lighting the second one before the first had even released. The animated movie was so successful that it does appear as though many of the characters, those that didn’t die or seem to die, are almost guaranteed to come back. The wait is still going to be a while though since the current release date isn’t until April of 2022. Fans might balk at that but the great part is that it’s not the only movie that will be coming out to further the Spider-Verse as other versions are being hinted at and one of them is a movie focused on Gwen Stacy. The chemistry between Stacey and Miles Morales was highly appealing to the fans and as such it could be they’ll be wanting to see more of the two together and will possibly find the means to keep them interacting and possibly staying in touch as much as they can. As Abbey White of Looper has stated pretty clearly this movie is going to keep on being about Miles primarily as this is his story, and those with similar powers from other earths are going to be backup.

The introduction of alternate earths has become a huge boon to Marvel as it allows the story of each individual to be opened up in a big way, and Spider-Man is just one of them if you can think about that for a moment. But if you really think about it he’s one of the only ones that it really works with since Spider-Man is one of the heroes in the Marvel universe that’s been around for a long time and has had a story that’s been sent off on a different path more than a few times as his powers have been seen to be shared by many a person in the Spider family, as it were, and each time the difference between characters is either slight or massive but the overall effect is pretty much the same. The hero has been one of the most versatile in the entire Marvel universe and quite honestly a movie like this is a good way to show it off. The fact that they’re thinking of going with a Gwen Stacy movie is kind of interesting since it’s likely that there are still quite a few people out there that don’t think of Gwen Stacy as anyone other than the young woman that died in Amazing Spider-Man 2 and was therefore a sad and tragic story and nothing more. In moving her further into the story and giving Miles license to really flourish on the big screen though the Spider-Man idea has really blossomed and should hopefully keep going for a while.

Making the Kingpin the main villain was kind of an odd choice but given how effective he is, especially for not being much more than a super-strong crime boss, there’s not much to say that he couldn’t come back for another run at the second movie, and as we’ve already seen in the past, Spider-Man has a treasure trove of enemies, and given how many different Spider beings there are at the moment there’s a good chance that we’ll see alternate versions of some villains and all-new villains that have only ever graced the comics. A lot of this is theory and conjecture at this point since the movie is still a ways off, but at this point it’s bound to be more fun to just start wondering what’s going to happen than to wait all that time just to find out we might have been right. One popular idea that was kicked around for a bit was to bring Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland together for their own live-action version of a Spider-verse movie as mentioned by Cameron Bonomolo of Comic Book, but that doesn’t seem to have been much more than an idle idea at this point that didn’t gain a lot of ground. But if it did ever happen it might be kind of interesting.

For a long time now Spider-Man has been one of the big mainstays of the Marvel universe and up until he started branching off and more Spider-infused heroes started popping up he was an impressive and seemingly unstoppable hero since despite not being the strongest or the most powerful he’s still been through quite a bit in his long and storied career and has kept on coming back. Now that the alternate realities have come into play you can’t help but wonder just how far we’re going to go and how many different versions will pop up eventually. At some point it might seem like overkill but for now it’s great since it allows people to see just how far the web goes.

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