Tom Hardy Dazzles as Spokesman for Sky Mobile Phones

Tom Hardy Dazzles as Spokesman for Sky Mobile Phones

Seeing Tom Hardy grunt a lot in Taboo makes sense.  Seeing Tom Hardy play gruff characters and learn that he’s about to team up with Ridley Scott to do a Navy SEAL movie makes total sense.   I can even see how Hardy reading children’s stories makes some sense.   Hardy has this affinity for dogs so seeing him cater to “cute” things isn’t too far fetched.  But seeing Tom Hardy do cell phone commercials simply doesn’t feel “Tom Hardy.”

But even Tom Hardy isn’t going to turn down the opportunity to make a quick buck.  At least that’s what I’d assume after seeing him in these Sky Mobile spots.  If the British telecommunication company is hoping Hardy’s handsome looks will inspire people to buy a cell phone or two, consider their mission accomplished.  Don’t forget that Hardy was a model (and still does do modeling) so it’s not like he doesn’t know how to just sit there and look awesome all the time.  Still though, I think we’d all agree that Hardy’s best purpose in life is killing it on the big screen (and on Taboo).

Check out Hardy as a spokesman below:

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