Why You Absolutely Must Experience the Spectacular STOMP

In January 2018, STOMP’s incredible 15-year run will end its London show. It’s been part of London’s West End since it opened at the Vaudeville Theatre in 2002. Right now, the permanent London cast is performing at the Ambassador’s Theatre:

STOMP is famous for its creative work with found percussion. Though many troupe members are highly skilled percussionists, they are most likely to be heard playing on trash cans, garbage bins, paint cans, tire rims, plumbing fixtures, and just about anything else in the world which will make a sound.

STOMP’s an international sensation too, with troupes performing regularly around the world. In addition to the permanent company in London, which will continue in new venues, there are European and North American Tours. The shows regularly create new material, so long-time fans always see and hear something innovative. The tours head out to venues of all sizes, catching local audiences in their home towns.

This is the Wall of Music from Stomp Out Loud LIVE in VA:

There’s also a troupe playing at the Orpheum Theater in New York City. This ongoing production is called “The Rhythm of NY” and features multi-talented performers from around the world. The NYC cast includes 12 multi-talented STOMP characters who represent a wide variety of backgrounds including marching percussion, aerial acrobatics, dance, art, electronic instruments, comedy, choreography, and acting.

Here’s a taste of what they do in New York:

English dance percussionist and musician Luke Cresswell and director and composer Steve McNicholas co-created STOMP in 1991. They had worked together in Cliff Hanger; a theater group, and busking with Pookiesnackenburger; a street band. The groups toured extensively through Europe, created a TV series in the UK and produced two albums. Cresswell and McNicholas brought their extensive performing experience to STOMP, and it became an award-winning hit playing for capacity crowds globally.

STOMP’s genius has resulted in numerous presentations:

– A Lincoln Memorial performance for President Clinton’s Millennium celebrations
– A collaboration with the Muppets for “Let’s Make Music”, a Sesame Street special
– The award-winning IMAX film, Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey, which still plays globally
– An Emmy-nominated sequence for the World Figure Skating Championships on ABC
– More than 5,000 performances of STOMP New York
– Commissioning of Pandemonium: The Lost and Found Orchestra
– A new $28 million venue created at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas to house Stomp Out Loud live.
– Performing for the 2012 London Summer Olympics closing ceremonies

One of the best things about STOMP is that it teaches young people everywhere that making music doesn’t require expensive instruments, and singing and dancing are activities that can be shared anywhere. The cast wears jeans and t-shirts most of the time. They are young and old, and represent every ethnicity on Earth. They are great role models for us all.

The spectacular STOMP Out Loud:

There’s truly nothing quite like STOMP. Yes, there are many elements from traditional performing arts included in each show. But each show is alive with innovation, sparkling technical prowess, laugh-out-loud comedy, and high energy. STOMP is a wild new experience…. each and every time.

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