Why It’s Time for a La Femme Nikita TV Series Again

Why It’s Time for a La Femme Nikita TV Series Again

Why It’s Time for a La Femme Nikita TV Series Again

It’s time to see La Femme Nikita make a return to the screen whether it’s a series or a movie, and it’s largely because women in films are starting to make a big push for equality and empowerment. The whole premise of La Femme Nikita centers around a young woman that was taken by the government and turned into an expert killing machine that knows little if any real remorse and is bound to do what she’s told. Of course that’s the plan, the truth is that Nikita does manage to hold onto her humanity and doesn’t go completely cold-blooded as her handlers would like. In fact during the series, which kind of deviated from the movie, the female lead that played Nikita was in love with her trainer and had to keep it a secret.

The real reason why this needs to happen however is that in 2017 we’ve seen women come forward in a big way when it comes to film, action in particular. Wonder Woman and Atomic Blonde are just two of the biggest hits that have come out this year that have shown how awesome women can be. The sad part of this however is that women have been doing this kind of thing for years and have received little if any real credit for it. Female figures such as Diana Prince, the Bionic Woman, Agent Carter, and many others have come across as mere supporting figures to the male leads for so long that it’s been downplayed just how important they are to the actual story.

Going off track for just a moment, Jean Grey was an important part of the X-Men and was a central character during the Dark Phoenix saga, which is going to be in production eventually if it’s not already. Women play a much bigger role in pop culture than they’re given credit for and have rarely, if ever, been given the same kind of attention as men. La Femme Nikita received a great amount of interest but faded quickly when something new came along, meaning that the female assassin was only thought of in glowing terms until she was deemed as replaceable as anyone else. A comeback as of now however could be far more successful as females in film are becoming a much more desired commodity as the empowerment of women continues to expand.

The only unfortunate part is that the role of a female assassin has kind of been done and overdone so many times that the show might need to rework its premise and plot lines in order to avoid giving people even more of what they’ve already seen so often. It’s not a call to destroy the story and start over, but instead to bring forth the material in a way that people might not expect. It’s very possible as we’ve seen and shouldn’t be too difficult if the writers for the material are on their game and are given enough time to come up with something unique. It’s time for this movie or show to come back.

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