10 Things You Didn’t Know about Thomas Sanders

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Thomas Sanders

Unless you’re very active online and on certain platforms there’s a good chance that you might not know who Thomas Sanders is. Given the size of his fanbase and the fact that he’s been so prevalent online however one would almost think that he would be close to being a household name. Of course given how many people are online and how many celebrities there are, as well as how many people are continuously trying to shine in that particular spotlight, one can also assume that unless someone else has told a person about Thomas that they might have no idea at all who he is. The idea of being famous is that it comes with many different levels of notoriety, and while there are those that are widely known there are also celebrities that exist on a much more selective level.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Thomas.

10. He’s big on YouTube.

YouTube is often thought of by many as a means of watching entertaining clips and trailers, but it’s so much more. Many upon many people have found a solid fanbase on YouTube by posting videos that cover various subjects meant to inform, educate, and inspire others in an attempt to gain a following.

9. He’s a singer.

Thomas actually has a very nice voice and while he’s not as well-known as he could be there’s still a chance since he’s maintaining a presence online and pushing as much as he can in order to find more and more followers that can boost his rating and possibly catapult him even further into the spotlight.

8. He’s very proud of his Irish roots.

His maternal great-grandfather was born in Ireland and while he’s a bit removed from Irish stock thanks to a couple of generations he’s still very proud of his heritage and shows it more often than not.

7. He started acting in middle school.

Thomas found his interest in acting fairly young and has been bringing it online to those that want to see his talent. The idea of creating something on YouTube is that it’s broadcast to a wide spectrum of viewers and, as a result, can start bringing in followers that will want to see more. This was something he figured out pretty early.

6. He’s openly admitted that he’s gay.

He might portray certain characters in his acts that are alluring to women but the fact of the matter is that he’s never admitted to anything else and has made it pretty clear that he’s gay. There’s no need to prevaricate or attempt to make people believe something else since being forthright has served him pretty well so far.

5. He has over 8 million followers.

That number is enough to indicate that he knows what he’s doing and has the kind of confidence that’s needed to get it done on a regular basis. There is a certain thrill that goes up when you run your own site and realize that people are starting to clue in to what you’re doing and are actually liking it. You can imagine the excitement when he got to a million followers, but getting up to 8 million and beyond seems like it’d be time to start celebrating and plotting for the next several million to come.

4. He started making YouTube videos when he was 18.

Some would say that it’s far easier for those that have been born into the online era to start out and begin to make something of themselves but in truth YouTube is not a hard process to understand or to get. If you have someone helping you then it’s even easier, but Thomas has managed to make his mark with some help but has also done a lot of it on his own.

3. He’s been in musical theater as well.

Thomas hasn’t been confined at all to online activities as he’s been seen and heard performing for all to hear on an actual stage. One might think it takes a lot of courage to get up on that stage, and they’d be right, but if a person feels it and enjoys what they’re doing then the fear of performing in front of people becomes less and less as the joy increases.

2. He’s released several singles and a couple of albums.

His skills are simply amazing since he can act, he can sing, and he can run his own YouTube channel along with everything else. In some ways this is the kind of guy that is easy to envy since he seems capable of doing just about anything. But keep in mind that he’s had some time to perfect his craft, so he’s likely made his missteps too.

1. He’s won several awards.

Missteps or not he’s definitely impressed enough people to be seen as a winner and has collected a few trophies in his time.

The guy’s got talent, there’s no denying it.

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