This Sick Star Wars Table Made from Concrete and Epoxy Resin

Just looking at this table, without being a Star Wars fan, might make some people go ‘huh?’, as they would, as the narrator says, think it’s a cool design and nothing else. But the work and the subtle nod to the franchise that this design delivers would easily be recognizable by a lot of diehard fans of the space odyssey. Granted, the type of work that has to go into this and the time it would likely take to complete it, along with the money required to purchase the tools that this individual is using to put the table together. At some point it might actually be cheaper to commission a carpenter to make this piece, though the pride that goes into actually crafting it might be missing. Still, a lot of people could possibly live with that since the novelty of having such a piece in their home would be worth the cost and the lack of any real craftsman pride. Let’s be fair, not everyone is capable of taking the time and exercising the patience it would take to complete every meticulous step. One thing to keep in mind about all of this, as impressive as it all is and as cool as it ends up looking, this process is still something that isn’t exactly for everyone since as I said, the money, time, and patience that it takes is impressive as hell, but it’s not bound to fit with everyone’s lifestyle or interest.

To put it mildly, this is the type of table that one had better be certain that they want to keep around for a while since the effort put into it and the weight of the dang thing would make it hard to get rid of since when thinking of how it was made the logical thought is that it weighs a good deal and wouldn’t be easily moved all that often. Watching it being built though is pretty cool since the act of working with so many different materials and making them come together is kind of intriguing really. To think that someone looked at the lighting in the Death Star and was inspired to make something like this is kind of odd but it’s also indicative of how different people pay attention to different details. A lot of ideas that have come from Star Wars and have been applied to various objects and pieces of art are easy to recognize since they deal with the entirety of an object or character, while ideas like this narrow their focus to a single idea that is a small part of the whole thing.

Star Wars has inspired a number of different things that are hard to count they’re so numerous, but it’s DIY projects like this that are the most impressive really since despite the fact that it takes a bit of know-how to make it happen, such projects are still insanely impressive since the people that take them on tend to be those that have a firm idea of what they want in mind and are willing to take the time and put in the effort to make it happen. Those of us that write about it and describe the process or the final product are sometimes those that can do the same thing or are those that are duly impressed and can’t help but be amazed that someone will go to this length to create a piece of furniture that’s entirely custom. But despite the fact that it’s not likely to be mass-produced, which is a point in its favor really, this piece is a marvel that would be a great addition to any Star War fan’s home, provided they could find a place that they’d like to keep it for an extended period of time since moving it might not be that easy if done more than a few times. Just the weight of the materials has to be substantial since using cement and wood together adds to the project enough weight to make it less than capable of just toeing aside with a single foot. There would also likely be many people that would look at this and wonder just what the builder was thinking about when making it, while those of us that have been Star Wars fans for decades now would probably use it to start a discussion, which of course is the point.

It is pretty interesting to see just what aspects of a story that any given person will fixate on, but it’s not really surprising that the Death Star would be the inspiration for anything that people think about when it comes to Star Wars since it’s one of the most imposing structures in the entire saga. The fact that it became kind of obsolete in Rise of Skywalker was a moment that a lot of people couldn’t help but think was kind of awkward really. Brandon Zachary of CBR has more to say on this matter.

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