This Fan Theory Might Change the Way You Watch Loki Series

We don’t get to enjoy the Loki series on Disney+ until this coming June but as one should have guessed, MCU fans are already drawing up theories based on what they’ve seen and are probably going to have the season analyzed before it’s even reached the midway point. You might ask why, but that’s just something that the hardcore fans do, they sit around and theorize things until they’ve either talked themselves into a corner or they end up feeling confident about what they’ve predicted. Seriously, it’s like that. But with Loki, the best thing to assume is that whatever a person is guessing, they’re only half right or not right at all. The god of mischief has usually been written up as being several steps ahead of his opponents until someone has come along to smash all of his carefully laid plans, but this time he has the TVA monitoring him, so it’s safe to say that his thinking cap is on extra tight and he’s already coming up with whatever scheme he can think of when the first episode hits. One fan theory has managed to emerge from the man as one of those that people think most likely, if only because it kind of fits in with the devious nature that Loki is so well known for, and because it brings to mind an interesting development for a series that some folks are likely to think will end badly or will be a bit of a slap in the face when it comes to the god of mischief’s demise in Endgame. But then again, it wouldn’t be the first time.

The theory plainly states that Loki will be working with himself in different timelines to create a different outcome that will favor him in some way when it comes to whether or not he’ll be returned to the timeline or if he’ll be forced to accept his fate finally. The thing is, the TVA is aware of everything he’s been doing, which means that being so many steps ahead of one’s opponent doesn’t mean much when one is up again an opponent that is able to track every movement a person makes and every moment of their lives, even if they happen to be a god of mischief that’s good at creating havoc wherever he might go. But if this fan theory holds any water, and many think that it might, Loki might be able to work with himself in different timelines, meaning that there might be a way to disrupt the TVA in a very big and disruptive way that could work to his advantage and give him the opportunity he needs to insert himself into the timestream wherever he might want to go. If that’s the case then it might be that this series could see the re-emergence of Loki into the MCU, which some fans would love to see and some might call foul on since Thanos’s action would have meant nothing and the emotional pain that it caused Thor would be, well, it wouldn’t really change since he’s believed Loki to be dead before, and it crushed him at that time as well. This time around if he did find himself back in the MCU it could be that he might steer clear of his thunder-wielding brother and save himself the trouble. But then, Loki is good at causing trouble, and he happens to like it.

That theory also has to get around the idea that TVA, knowing what Loki is like, might expect him to be duplicitous and could have a contingency plan, or many plans, set into place that would give Loki the illusion that he’d outwitted them and was making back-alley deals with himself to try and regain the freedom he wants so badly. This is an agency that knows everything there is to know about the god of mischief and every word he’s ever said, so it’s hard to believe that they would be allowed an oversight that’s this obvious. The writers of the MCU aren’t always that great at thinking around corners, but they certainly make us think they are since a character such as Loki and the retroactive manner that the MCU can take on when they need to has likely left some people feeling as though they’ve made a serious miscalculation and forgotten something important that might have solidified their theories. At that point it becomes a matter of who’s smarter, who’s fooling who, and how many circles a person is willing to turn themselves in until they come to believe that they’ve come out ahead, only to realize they’re in dead last and have to catch up with everyone else as a result of their endless plotting. To be fair, the Loki series already sounds like a chaotic bit of fun.

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