This Fan-made Trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is Epic

This Fan-made Trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is Epic

This Fan-made Trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is Epic

When you think about it, the saga of the Skywalkers has encompassed pretty much the entirety of the Star Wars franchise in some way since a Skywalker has been present for a good deal of the movies and the legacy is something that is hard to shake. Matthew Dessem of Slate might agree with this sentiment considering that the story has focused heavily on those belonging to the name and even those that have had something to do with them. This fan-made trailer reminds us that for all that’s happened and all that might still be to come the Skywalker legacy is something that will be likely to remain as strong in the future as it is now since it’s one of the main building blocks of a franchise that, despite a number of missteps as of late, has been one of the most popular stories throughout the world and one that has inspired untold numbers of individuals to write, create, and simply live their lives in a way that is conducive to what they want. With the coming movie being the end of a saga, and an epic one at that, you can imagine how excited a lot of people are getting at this point, and possibly how apprehensive they might feel as well. After all, when the Skywalker story is done, what’s next?

The answer is pretty obvious, as there’s a lot more galaxy left to explore in the Star Wars franchise. Anyone that comes along in the wake of this movie however would be wise to throw in a reference or throwback now and again to the core trilogy in order to make it feel as though it’s actually in the same galaxy, especially since simply taking off on a random story in the Star Wars universe won’t be fully understood by those that are casual or just passing fans that enjoy a good movie. The big hope though is that the third movie in this trilogy will be the most epic and will be able to undo or make sense of the movies that we’ve been given thus far. If anything it would be nice to hear whether Rey is in fact the product of two non-essential characters or if Kylo was truly messing with her and she does come from a notable background. And if she is a clone as some people seem to want to theorize about, it would explain her strength in the Force since thinking that she was cloned with Darth Sidious’ DNA does make it possible to believe that she is that strong and that she does have an affinity for the kind of abilities that wouldn’t have made sense back in The Force Awakens.

It would also be nice to get more information on Snoke as well though, but that might not be forthcoming since he seems to have been a throwaway character that was there to build up suspense and not much else. There have been a lot of noticeable issues with Star Wars since Disney took over, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that the Mouse House has been softening things to the point that while there’s still a lot of action, it’s been muted in a way to be more acceptable for families, as Disney has a reputation to uphold. The amusing part of this is that even saying this is kind of hard to do with a straight face since violence and Disney movies has gone hand in hand throughout the years. Think about it, the many grisly ends that Disney villains have met throughout the years. They’ve been hung, burned alive, allowed to fall from heights that could kill a person ten times over, stabbed, impaled, and given many other horrendous deaths. Obviously none of them have been gory or disturbing to the point that kids might have nightmares, at least not until Snoke, who was cut in half by a lightsaber, but the hypocrisy of Disney being a humane company that doesn’t deal in violence is kind of comical really. James Grebey and Alexis Nedd from Buzzfeed could give you the lowdown on this matter.

Alec Seigel did a great job on the trailer as it encompasses a great deal of the trilogies that have come before and the feeling that the end of an era is almost upon us. What the future will hold for the Skywalkers, if anything, is hard to say, but it’s already been established that Daisy Ridley won’t be coming back to the franchise, and it’s safe to assume that is the last we’ll see of the main cast members for some time unless they’re going to show up here and there as needed. Even John Boyega has stated that he probably won’t be back, so at this point it’s hard to say just what the next trilogy, whenever it comes, will be about and what it will be like. Riann Johnson doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to Star Wars at this time, so thinking that he could put together another trilogy is a leap of faith that a lot of people aren’t willing to take just yet.

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