The Five Best Brooke Shields Movies of Her Career

Brooke Shields Movies

Brooke Shields has been something of a Hollywood darling for a long time and even after growing out of that she’s still been a huge name in show business that many have looked at as a standard to cling to throughout the years. When you look at her list of movie and TV appearances it’s not hard to see why since she’s been here, there, over there, and all over the place when it comes to show business. Her act has been inspirational and impressive all at once which is hard to attain given that a lot of actors either get one or the other but strive for more. In the last couple of decades she’s still been fairly active but she’s been far more quiet in her career than ever. As a younger woman she was insanely popular and someone that a lot of people looked up to, though as of now people still look up to her even if some have to be reminded of just how great she is.

Here are the five best movies of her career.

5. The Midnight Meat Train

This one might come off as a bit of a surprise not just because of the gore content, but also because Brooke is not the main character, though she does connect with the main character more than once. There are so many stories about New York City and its many hidden tales, in fact the city kind of lends itself to the macabre and the unknown more often than not since there are so many twisting pathways inside and beneath the city that people know next to nothing about. That’s made pretty clear in this movie as the grisly collection methods of the man that rides the train late at night to provide for the creatures that live far beneath the surface tends to keep it that way.

4. King of the Gypsies

It’s very true that gypsies get a bad reputation for one thing or another that they’ve been said to do throughout history. When a leader of a band of gypsies passes the mantle of control onto his unwilling grandson things begin to unfold however as the gypsy’s son, the father of the grandson, decides that being passed over isn’t good enough. In the wake of his father’s passing he attempts to have the younger man killed and to take control of the band so as to assert his own dominance. In the process the younger man finds that he’ll have to step up and honor tradition by taking on the role he was gifted to keep the group together.

3. Pretty Baby

It’s kind of hard to think that someone that’s been looked at as one of the sweethearts of America would be part of a movie like this but then you get the idea that it’s a job, not much else. In any case, Hattie, a career prostitute, has a son and a daughter that she keeps around the brothel where she works. When she finds a man to marry her Hattie leaves her daughter Violet behind with a promise that she’ll return. At some point Violet falls in love with and marries the man that had taken her mother’s picture so often, only to finally go with her mother when she returns to invalidate the wedding.

2. Endless Love

In way this movie has more to do with obsession than anything since David is so bound up with his relationship with Jade that he can’t think of anything else and is continually attempting to do anything and everything to be with her. The problem of course is that he not only lit her house on fire, on accident unfortunately, but he does eventually and inadvertently cause the break of her family and the death of her father. One might think after a while that they were doing more harm than good and should probably stay away, but with love things get a bit muddied and, well, as you can guess they can get a little messy.

1. The Blue Lagoon

The wonders and the uncertainty of human sexuality have to be kind of rough to figure out on your own when there’s no one around to teach you what’s what and what’s supposed to happen with your body. Sexual intercourse would be something that might come natural after a while but the idea of pregnancy, without prior knowledge, could be quite unnerving and even intensely scary for those that have no idea what to do. Heck, it’s scary enough for those that happen to know what sex is and what will happen in nine months if things go right. But as far as movies go this one remains a classic for a lot of people to look back on and enjoy.

She’s still a very impressive woman.

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