Reactions To The Death Of Kim Cattrall’s Mother, Shane

credit: Kim Cattrall on Instagram

Irene Cara, Bob McGrath, Aaron Carter, Queen Elizabeth II, Shinzo Abe, and just recently, Sonya Eddy were among those famous people who departed from the world this year. But they left a lasting impression on the world and the people around them that they were mourned by many. Like the six mentioned above, it showed that the louder the cheer for someone’s life, the heavier the tears would fall for their funerals.

Though, sometimes, one does not need to be very popular to be appreciated after one’s life. It suffices to be kind and raise other people in kindness. In this way, you project your caring attitude onto another person, and that person you raised would bring your healthy mindset with them. You will then be remembered as the person responsible for that person’s respectable behavior. Such is the case of Shane Cattrall, the mother of Kim Cattrall.


credit: Kim Cattrall on Instagram

Kim announced her mother’s death on Instagram

In an Instagram post, Kim wrote down:


Shane Cattrall 1929 – 2022

Rest in peace Mum ❤️


And in the post, she laid down six old photos of her and her mother having the time of their lives. And after these photos of them, the seventh photo in the post featured a white flower with light coming out of its center. Beside the flower’s base, a cardboard sign was erected. The sign read “Shane Cattrall 1929-2022”

Not much was revealed about the death and the events leading to it to give the family time to mourn and their privacy to be respected.


credit: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country


A lot of people expressed their sympathies online

Twenty hours after the Instagram post went public, it received more than 135 thousand likes and a strong wave of emotional support from those who were following the actress. Condolences included the following:

The art curator and historian Kate Bryan commented, “I am so sorry for your loss Kim. We all owe your mum big time for gifting us you! Sending you love and light” followed by two hearts on top of each other emoji.

The musician Joan as Police Woman wrote, “Kim. Sending you the biggest warmest surround sound of love. What a lucky mom to have you as a daughter,” a statement then followed by two growing heart emojis.

Meanwhile, the Swedish-American actress Melinda Kinnaman also expressed her condolences from her home country of Sweden. She said, “Sending you so much love from Stockholm. What a beautiful, vibrant Mum.

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